Thursday, June 9, 2016

Long Lucky Day

This past Saturday, BJ and I woke up at 3:30 am to get in line at an estate sale. Can you believe that we were 2 and 3 in line?! The first person got there right before we did because he was still setting up his numbers as we drove up. Super disappointing! He told BJ that his wife was coming to take over later. I don't know if you remember the incident of us getting renumbered because we didn't park right next to the number giver, but this isn't quite fair in comparison to all of my other estate sale waiting experiences. The rules are clearly that you have to be there to have the number. I wanted to take the chance that maybe she wasn't there for the Pyrex. I hate sitting in the car and waiting. I never drink much of anything because there is no access to a bathroom and by the time real numbers are given, my lower back hurts so bad it feels like it's about to crack. This time I was able to sleep for a while, but I had nightmares that I missed the sale because I over slept and woke up right as they were past my number! Let me just tell you that this time all the pain was worth it!

I got everything I went for, which wasn't much. The reason I got there so very early was for the black 503. I never thought I'd own this because there are only a few pieces that I'm willing to pay up for out of desperation. It is in such great shape! I wish that the warmer and lid had been there, but sadly, no luck there. The Gooseberry is mint. My memory didn't serve me well because I already have one and it was pretty high priced due to it being a Pink Shirt sale. I went into the sale knowing the black 503 probably would be priced higher, but I was okay with that as long as it wasn't a three number price tag. Much much lower than that I'm happy to report! I also walked away with a turquoise Club pan with lid. It didn't make the picture because this was an instant Instagram share!

We went to visit my grandpa after we hit up another estate/garage sale that we found great stuff at during citywide. I picked up 2 vintage table cloths. The Christmas one is quite lovely, but the other seems to be a cutter, which I didn't notice until I got home. I also picked up a JFK conspiracy LIFE magazine and a vintage book about where babies come from! 

We stopped at a thrift store before heading back home and I found a small turquoise Club pot, no lid this time. I always seem to find Club everywhere when I find it! I passed on some really cute milk glass plates because they were $5 each. "Thrift" store. Ugh! Then we walked down to the antique store on the corner armed with the $20 my grandpa gave me. I was hoping that the Miss Priss set that had been there last time would still be there, but it wasn't I did find a NIB Duchess glass percolator that can make coffee or tea! It even has the tea ball. We drove all the way to the outer edge of the Twin Cities, which I frankly do not consider to be part of the Cities at all, for one I saw in a photo on Craigslist. It turned out to be $40 and I just didn't want to pay that much. The $20 bill did the trick on this one!

We went to the shop to pay rent and check the booth for cleanup on Sunday and BJ told me I had to come over and look at something. He hardly ever does this so I was intrigued. It was a Spirograph!!! And so cheap! I just couldn't leave it behind. I feel like such a jerk for having two of something I know a lot of people really want, so I may give it a new home after some time to think about it.

The occasional sales started yesterday. We stopped at one and I found my very first daisy cut bakelite! I'm so excited!!! Of course I'd be more excited if it was red, but I'll take it. I'm hoping that I find a match sometime in the future. I also picked up a cute little pink elephant because I can't leave them behind where they're cheap. 

We went to the Wedge to do a little grocery shopping after hitting up the shop on Sunday and I just happened to turn around and see a bunch of Quorn products that now said vegan!!! Quorn was my absolute favorite when I was vegetarian and was so sad to lose them when I made the switch. It is still just as good now that it's vegan. Everything is soon good! Try it even if you're not any kind of veg, you might be a convert. Also, I finally found Gardein pockets! ZOMG! It was such a great grocery haul! It was the last one at the co-op and they haven't been good about restocking things, so I hope this gets brought back. They did away with Tofutti pizza, which has made my life very sad. 

Also very sad is the disaster I walked into at work on Monday. I feel a lot like the picture above right now because there are a bunch of strangers in my apartment right now and they touched my Pyrex and it made noise and they're making a lot of clanging and banging noises and I JUST CAN'T!!! I'm off to try to go and live through this massive anxiety.