Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halloween Shop Update!

I've added all sizes of candy corn plush to my Etsy shop. I'll add the Ouija boards, kitty-bons, and cat donuts as soon as I figure out shipping costs. I've got a show coming up on October 11 in Garden City, MN for everyone in SW MN, so I'll be listing these as made to order so that I have stock for the show.

This past Saturday I was at No Coast Craft-o-Rama Takes a Field Trip and I couldn't have asked for better weather! It started raining during tear down, but it didn't start raining hard until we were on the road. 35W North was closed which I think may have detracted from the crowd. There was a kids game in front of my booth that was way too close most of the day and didn't even allow people to walk in front of my booth at times. A lot of people walked past and grumbled, "Well, tis the season I guess..." about my Halloween stuff. It's the end of September and it's not as if I was selling Christmas trees, People. Seriously. Where are my Halloween lovers?! Not at that craft show I guess. I had a decent day, but nothing like I'd expected. If anyone has the secrets to being a success as craft shows, I'd love to hear it because I can't live off compliments.

Anyway, I'm off to figure out how I can possibly live my life without Dawson's Creek on Netflix. >_<

Up Next... Halloween House Update!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Thrift That Dreams Are Made Of

BJ and I had to head down to my hometown to borrow a canopy from my brother for No Coast, so we decided to incorporate some thrifting. (Duh!) There was supposed to be this big to-do of flea market hopping and whatnot all along HWY 74 for King of Highways day or something. One of the towns participating was Lake Benton, home of my fave thrift/antique store. We drove down SUPER early and this flea market did not exist and the store I was dying to go to was not open. We waited around until noon and decided it probably wouldn't be open for the day. I went to the two others that were open and found a bunch of stuff I liked, but was saving my money incase I found turquoise. I did buy a cute rooster mug and a tiny pumpkin. I thought the day was a bust. We were actually going to go camping down there, but it was supposed to be freezing at night and we only had a tent and no desire. My sister took me to Lamberton last time I was down there and we stopped into a couple antique stores. I suggested we check them out since we were heading to Redwood anyway. We stopped into one in Tracy where I found the Fire King tea cup that matches a saucer I bought at Arc's. I was actually really hoping to find both of these cups while down there, and I did!

Well, it is such a good thing that we went to Lamberton because it made up for the morning. First I saw a butterprint casserole out of the corner of my eye for a really great price. BJ decided to go upstairs while I checked out the rest of the main floor. Something caught my eye in a little cabinet with the doors almost closed. I didn't like what originally brought me there, but I looked down and found a 442 black gooseberry! It is probably the best deal I've ever gotten on a piece of Pyrex in terms of resale value vs what I actually paid. This is apparently a rare piece (which I didn't know at the time, I just liked it and got it) that is part of an all black on white gooseberry promotional set of cinderella bowls. The more common version of the 442 is black on yellow. Not only that, but how cute is it for a Halloween display?! I was feeling pretty high on this find and picking up the little black cat S&P shakers (I think I've started a collection :/ ) when BJ found me and was crazy excited. I went upstairs and I saw it. A full MINTY set of turquoise butterprint fridgies!!! I think it was priced retail, which is expected at an antique store, but I don't even feel bad about paying it. I felt that I could end my day happily. I also picked up a box of Shiny Brite ornaments for a buck and another set of cats. There was some really awesome vintage Beisitle there, but definitely out of my price range since I found the BP.

Despite being insanely busy getting ready for No Coast, I did get all my Halloween up the first week of September. I'll do a little update on that soon. I've added a few new pieces to my collection this year and parted with a bunch of smalls that I didn't love anymore. I found the pumpkin/cat blow mold above at an estate sale on a half off day for $3 a couple of months ago. It didn't have a light, but that was an easy fix.

I found this cutie at the same garage sale where I got the atomic flatware and the kitchen conversion hot pad. I put a succulent called cobwebs in it! :)

This guy is from the Goodwill and was so overpriced! It's been there for a few weeks, but it's a black tag so it won't ever be on the weekly tag sales. There was a coupon for 25% off your entire order in this Sunday's paper. I'm still not sure if I feel good about the deal so I may return him. He's just so cute...

I finally found a milk glass mug at Goodwill- one that says HIS for BJ. It might be one of my favorite finds of the weekend. The yellow/orange bowl is going to get some removable jack o lantern stickers for Halloween!

Today I'm taking some much needed time to catch up on chores, I finally finished my 43rd book of the year, and Sleepy Hallow starts tonight! I'm glad I finally get to make some stuff purely for fun. I made this bag the night before No Coast and someone tried to look at it for purchase while I was setting up! I'm quite happy with the construction, but I couldn't get the interfacing to work so it's really floppy.

Back to cleaning >_<

Friday, September 19, 2014

No Coast Craft-o-Rama Takes a Field Trip

I'll be at No Coast Craft-o-Rama Takes a Field Trip on Saturday September 20th from 11-5 at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, Minnesota at booth number lucky 13 with a ton of creepy cute handmade Halloween!!! Stop on by for my new line of plush, Cat Treats, and cat sleep masks to fulfill all your crazy cat lady needs. Ever feel a desperate need to Ouija after dinner? I've got spirit board placemats and planchette napkin holders! By local, buy handcrafted.

Also, there is free shipping on Society6 through this weekend if you're in need of some fun products with unique art.

I had a super-duper spectacularly awesome day trip down to SW MN last Saturday, so expect an update on that soon. Sorry I haven't made this post sooner, I've been crazy busy getting ready for Field Trip and it's seriously down to the wire here :/ That just means it's going to be awesome, so make some time and come for a visit!