Thursday, August 25, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Halloween 2016

ZOMG YOU GUYS!!! I was SO excited when we walked into Target last night and saw a full display of Halloween goodies in the dollar spot! We stopped at our usual store where we found Halloween in the dollar spot on Saturday, but they didn't have any more than they had before. It was organized this time instead of hiding under other items, which was promising. I saw a picture on Instagram that someone took of their seasonal section being filled with Halloween candy and back to school being cleared out so I wanted to go see if our stores were doing the same. BTS is still in seasonal, but there are tons of sold out signs, so that's a good sign! So we decided to hit up our super-secret-special-they-usually-have-it-when-no-other-store-does Target. Since they didn't have anything when we visited on Saturday after finding stuff at our usual spot, we weren't hopeful, but boy did this visit pay off big!!! I'll take you through my visit and my haul.

I ran for a cart as soon as I walked in the door and saw all the orange and black! I was grinning like a happy jack-o-lantern and throwing one of everything in my cart! I did try to show some restraint, but man is it good this year.  They had little sets of pillows that say trick or treat and hocus pocus. I had just seen the trick or treat ones on Instagram earlier in the day and thought they were really cute, but probably from somewhere out of my price range. What a surprise that they were at Target for $5!

They have such cute stuff that you could expect to find at Joann's, Michaels, or Home Goods for a ton more money, but here you'll only be spending $3-5! I wanted that skeleton pillow, but BJ didn't think we needed it... It was $5.

They have some fun kids' Halloween activities. I almost got the glow in the dark stickers because I'm a magpie with glow in the dark stuff, but decided I didn't need them right now. There was another section opposite to this that I forgot to take a picture of. It had the washi tape and banners that I had already purchased plus some really cool beakers. I thought about getting some, but don't have room for them. Sigh...

As you can see, they have a wide range of styles, from spooky elegant to whimsical fun. I like a little bit of everything. They have really fun scientist vile party favor kits that I really wanted to get, but I have literally no friends and thought it would be pointless to hand out party favors to BJ and myself at our annual Halloween party by ourselves... 

I wasn't very impressed by the stationary this year. I got a blue cousin It looking pen, but held off on the list pads and post-it type pads. I'm sure as I keep visiting, things will grow on me and will find their way home with me! Once again, the really fun socks are for kids, but I did get a pair of regular Halloween socks and a pair of fuzzy ones. Last year our stores didn't even get the Halloween sock section in the intimates department which was really disappointing, so I hope they get it this year because Halloween socks are my jam!

Here's what came home with me! I got the tombstone that says Happy Halloween on one side and October 31 on the other and a trick or treat sign.

Here's the other side of the tombstone. I also got a 31 block set. Since we got married on October 31, I felt that I needed these! I think I'm going to get another tombstone so I can display both sides at once.  All of these things are $3.

I picked up this cute set of battery operated jack-o-lantern "mason jar" lights. I liked a set similar to this at Gordmans which is $13, but these are only $5! I was a little disappointed that the lights are white instead of orange, but they're still cute. I also picked up a couple boxes of purple battery op wire lights- one bat shaped and one regular. They are $3 each and there were also orange regular and pumpkin sets as well. The bats are a garland banner and were only $1.

Isn't this so spooky cute!? I love it! This was only $3. Can you believe it? 

These are so fantastic! I think that I did get one of each design from this section, but I'm going to keep checking to make sure because these are only $3 and are pretty nice quality. The skeleton one reminds me of something they'd charge $25 for at Michaels, but it is small. The frame is a heavy pressboard and looks really fancy. The crow is flocked, which I love!

I hung the spider right away when I got home last night! This one is also $3 and has the same kind of frame as the skeleton above. I was thinking that I needed some Halloweenie things to replace the everyday pictures and I found them! I found an ikea frame at Goodwill and painted it black and used paper from the new 6x6 Halloween paper pack from Michaels as the matte for the vintage Dennison black cat die-cut I got recently. That one is covering up a landline phone jack that doesn't even work. When we moved in we had a phone line as part of our Comcast package and I tried plugging in one of my old phones and it didn't work! I don't need a landline, but what if I did want to use it? Our fridge door handle broke off over a year ago and I'm still waiting on the "two weeks" for the new handle to come in... Give me a break. 

This lantern was only $5. What?! It is so cool and something I'd expect to pay a lot more for at another store! The candle doesn't come with it, that's an electric candle I found at the thrift store.

They have really cute heavy tombstones! They're a little bit bigger than the ones that I have been collecting from Dollar Tree and Michaels over the years.

Here's a picture of it next to a Dollar Tree one for comparison. I've had my apartment fully decorated for Halloween for about a month now, but have held off on showing it because there are so many haters out there whining "TOO SOON!!!" I was so happy that there was another girl shopping the dollar spot who had a cartful of Halloween and she asked me if I was as excited as she was! We're out there, Halloweenies! Don't let the haters put out your Halloween light! Every time I hear "I can't believe there's Halloween out in July/August!!!" I want to go punch them in the face and scream, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOUR WHOLE LIFE?! DON'T YOU REMEMBER THAT YOU BITCH ABOUT THIS EVERY SINGLE EFFING YEAR?! IT ISN'T COMING OUT ANY SOONER, YOU'RE JUST NOT COOL ENOUGH TO REMEMBER HOW AWESOME HALLOWEEN IS ALL YEAR!!!!" Seriously!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! I waffled on this cute little spider pillow. It's only $3! BJ said, "you could make that!" I said, "Yeah, you're right, I could... but I couldn't make it for less than $3!" So we decided it was worth getting. It is already turning a hairy shade of white and Annabelle hasn't been anywhere near it... Life with a white cat. She loves little pillows so I won't be surprised if she claims this. 

I've been MIA again because I'm such a loser. Life kind of shat on us lately. BJ's grandma died and I learned that buying a suit is not as easy as I had imagined. The funeral was on his birthday, so he got to have a funeral birthday party! Happy birthday, I'm sorry for your loss! It's all so sad that we just have to laugh. As we were driving from the church to the cemetery, we drove past where she worked for most of her life, then past her house!!! HAHA! Oh my goblin, it was hilarious and creepy!  We were saying, wait, are they driving to the house? Did someone forget something? No, they wouldn't do that... But they did drive right past her house to avoid one of the roundabouts. 

I made myself get my act together a little bit and finished the elements for a new Halloween design. I've got a couple designs finished, but want to make at least a couple more to fill out the collection. That should be available soon. I've got previews up on Intagram, so go check them out! I'm going to try to stop sucking at life so hopefully that works out and I can be better at updating! I've got to finish the cleaning that I quit doing almost a month ago before I can take pictures of the Halloween House 2016 and get some batteries for my lights. I have no idea how I only have 3 working batteries. Where did they all go? Wherever the bobby pins and hair ties go, I guess. Anyway, check back soon because there are a bunch of things happening that I want to share!!!