Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Good Thursday, everyone! I'm not sure what made me think of it, but this morning when I woke up I thought of the plush Macbook that I made for BJ back in 2008. It was during March when a lot of schools were on spring break and I had maybe an extended weekend off between quarters. I don't remember for what occasion I made this, but it was something that the mood struck me and I had to make it right away. This was back when I had a Nikon point-and-shoot and it was notorious for taking blurry pictures even if it was setting on a flat surface and not moving. We've come a long way in camera technology since then. I could have taken new photos, but in the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I decided to post the photos in all their terribly lit glory.

This guy is based on my beloved (and now ancient) black Macbook. I had my share of heartbreaks with this machine and he has a spot that I superglued back on so that I wouldn't slit my wrists every time I typed something. Regardless of his imperfections, he was a beauty and BJ was jealous, so I thought I'd give him one that was more in my price range. I made this precise in dimension and included a QWERTY keyboard and a disc drive!  I don't have a picture of this. The drive is a little hidden sleeve where the real slot would be and has a CD sleeve that holds 4 discs. Now it's used as a cat bed and it's full of hair... >_<

In other news, I'm currently finishing up a birthday present and conceptualizing some new products. I've got a craft fair coming up the first weekend of May in Elk River that I have to make a few more things to replenish my spring stock. Today I cleaned off the table on the balcony, put up the new-to-me railing planter, and watched the cats enjoy the sun. Spring begins officially next week!!! Let's cross our fingers that the weather reflects that :)

I'm on book 16 of the year already! Book 12 was Shakespeare's Landlord  (The Lily Bard series) by Charlaine Harris which I really liked. Number 13 I don't know can really count as it isn't a novel or anything. We caught up on New Girl while we have the Netflix trial and when I saw that they made Douche Journals Vol. 1 by "Schmidt" I requested it immediately. It was funny because he's an hiliarious character. Book 14 was Ball of Fire: The Tumultuous Life and Comic Art of Lucille Ball by Stefan Kaufer. It was an impulse request from the library after I saw it on a Barnes & Noble shelf. If you know me, you know that I love Lucy. It had some interesting stories chronicling her life and had a few bits of information that I'd never heard before. Number 15 was Grave Sight (The Harper Connelly series) by Charlaine Harris. I wanted to read each series straight without starting on another one, but there are wait lists even for the digital copies, so this became my next book. It was good, but I like the Lily Bard series better so far. Now I'm reading There's More to Life Than This by Theresa Caputo. I guess I like books about dead people. So far I think the stories are just rehashed from episodes of her reality series, which will be disappointing if that's the whole book. I don't have cable anymore so I can't watch the series as it airs. I wish that I could get a reading with her. I went to one of her group readings at the State Theater in Minneapolis a few years ago and that was fun, but I was not a chosen one out of the thousands of people.

Anyway, I've got to get going on some designs for Spoonflower and the other handful of projects that have been waiting for my attention, including banana bread! Yum!

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