Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This Weekend In Sales

I think I used up all of my luck this past weekend. Friday night I was searching for sales to go to in the morning. I spotted turquoise Pyrex at a yard sale that happens most every weekend. I think the guy must be an eBay seller or something because he always has tons of crap and fancy signs he puts all over the area. I don't usually stop there because I went once and found it to be too expensive for my taste. After seeing the turquoise that I didn't get in my kitchen lot Craigslist purchase, I was so sad that I hadn't looked for sales the night before because it started Friday morning. BJ had to work and I didn't really feel like riding around town on my bike and try to safely transport things home in a basket, so I didn't even bother to look. I told myself that it would be our first stop of the day and crossed my fingers that it was still there. I didn't see it when I walked up and got that defeated feeling. There were cool Eames style mid-century chairs on the lawn and I thought I'd just take a look because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford them. And then there was Pyrex! UGH, I paid low retail for it... but it is in really nice shape with only a few nicks in the paint and no dishwasher damage.

I think I made up for the retail price on the 403 when I found a Lace Medallion 045 with lid and cradle at an estate sale (2 hours after opening if you can believe that!) for a total of $15! It is super DWD, but I can forgive that for the price with cradle. I picked up a Red Owl promo needle kit with most needles still intact and a little cold cream jar with turquoise lid for a buck each at the garage sale of one of the dealers from Urban Cottage. The cute Christmas ornament box came from a yard sale run by two nice older ladies and was also only a dollar.

As I said at the beginning, I used up all my luck. My life turned back into a pumpkin by Monday with the usual craptacular stuff that always happens to me. My rear bike tire seems to be trashed, but I can't be sure of that because I'm just a stupid girl. I see the tire itself as having tears in it, but BJ thinks it is probably just the tube inside, which I can't see because I'm just looking at the obvious unstable condition of the rubber on the exterior and he didn't look at it at all. Obviously he knows best. I think I'll err on the safe side and just replace both. Now to actually accomplish this before I have to bike to work on Friday.

I'm off to do housework, bleh.

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