Saturday, July 30, 2016

This Week In Spooky Mail

I told you that I have spent a lot of time Halloween haunting online lately. Well, my haunting finally paid off in deliveries this week! AHHHH!!!! The first delivery was this Monster Bop print from Steph Buscema. I visited this in my cart for a very long time before pushing the buy button, but visiting its digital image just was no longer enough. This is so beyond words spooktacular! The little batties coming out of Drac's trumpet, Wolfman, it's all just to die for. This is a mashup of mid century and Halloween, which is the embodiment of all the things that make my heart scream. No brainer.

The next delivery was my Instagram haul! I felt like I was buying it all during this lady's sale, haha! I did have some self-restraint, though. I came across the picture she posted with the BOO pumpkin pail while haunting my usual halloween hashtags and immediately followed her and turned on post notifications so I wouldn't miss this sale. I was shaking with excitement until I got everything I came for. Mr. Boo is quite possibly the highlight of my pail collection. I will be getting out all of his brethren this week so they can all meet! The lighted one works and has a pumpkin, a cat, a skull, and witches. Duh, right? I've never seen the little oblong pail and I love to add new faces to my collection! The super old articulated cat has seen much better days, but I am the land of misfits, so I forgive most imperfections. His face is so classic Halloween that I needed to add him to my clowder of die-cut cats! I'm also really stoked on the green eyed guy.

I got home from work on Thursday to a pile of spooky mail! We ordered some really great vintage inspired Halloween stuff back in June and had been waiting on the pre-orders to arrive for everything to ship. I found this website through Witch House Design, who had an exclusive color way of the skeleton toy that I wanted sold through Obviously I had to shop around the site and found a bunch of fun things! The ghost bubbler and screaming cat paper lantern light string are Bethany Lowe Designs. I tried to find the bubbler last year with no luck, so I was really excited when I found it for pre-order! The cat lanterns were irresistible because, as we've established, we love vintage Halloween cats around here. The decals and festooning are Beistle. I have no idea what I'll put the decals on. I don't know why, but I thought they were window clings. They are repositionable, but I'm worried they'll lose their stick if I put them on the wall and expect to reuse them next year. We'll see, I guess. I also found a cute little skelly brooch! They sent a little vintage witch cake topper with the order. Once it was finally sent after the pre-orders came in, it arrived very quickly and everything was packaged thoughtfully. I'm not being sponsored by them or anything, just sharing my experience, which was great!

I got my Necromancy Cosmetica order the same day. It came all the way from Puerto Rico and arrived the same day as an order from Arizona and they were both shipped the same day. I was very impressed with the postal service! I was worried that it may arrive melted with the terribly hot and humid weather we've been having, but it was perfect. I'm not successful at makeup and don't try very often because I feel that I look ridiculous, but I just really wanted to try this lipstick the second I laid eyes on it on Instagram! It is cruelty free and vegan and made by hand by two lovely people running their own business. I think that's pretty kick ass! I decided on trying just one shade to start and I picked It's Wednesday, which is a dark gray. I really love it! I'm still learning to be confident and all that, so I'm a little self-conscious wearing such a bold and dark color. But you can't live your life trying to fit into other people's images, so if being a little spooky is who am I, so be it, right? I had to take a picture of it with my Wednesday Addams brooch from Baccurelli.  I need a Wednesday Addams dress to wear with my Wednesday Addams brooch and my It's Wednesday lipstick on a Wednesday. On Wednesday, we wear Wednesday. What can I say, I love a theme!

We spent the day today Halloween Haunting in Burnsville. It was majorly successful! I have to take pictures of my haul and tell you all about it. I also snapped some pictures of things I loved, but left behind. I had planned on watching Little Shop of Horrors and finishing up a new Halloween design tonight, but I'm terrible at doing what I plan on doing. Maybe I should start planning on doing things I don't plan on doing and not planning to do things I do plan to do and then I'll get things done. Whatever, you got this blog post out of my procrastination, so congratulations all two readers! I'm off daydream about Halloween decorations, Halloween food, Halloween clothes, Halloween music, Halloween movies, Halloween TV shows, Halloween toys, and... Oh yeah, Halloween! I'm gone!

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