Friday, February 8, 2013

Millions of Cats

A few weekends ago there was a cat show in St. Paul and it was only $4 per person to get in! We were super excited because I love cats probably more than anything. Lately, it has been feeling like the North Pole in Minnesota and that weekend was no exception. The great thing about the Twin Cities is that we do have great skyway systems. Unfortunately, the only connecting skyway to a parking garage cost $15, so we spent nearly twice as much on parking as we did to see all the lovely cats. Regardless, I had a great time seeing all the cute cat faces. There were also a bunch of vendors selling cat goods that every good cat lady needs. I found these adorable vintage salt and pepper shakers for only $4.75.

Continuing my love of all things cat related, Teal Cat Project partnered with Obsessive Confection Disorder to put out a Valentine's Day Sampler. All the proceeds went to fund the Teal Cat Project's very worthy cause- helping cats! I was just sitting here minding my own business when I got a buzz on the intercom. Of course the buzzer won't let the person 3 flights down hear me so I had to dash down the stairs quickly and luckily caught the postman before my delicious package went into the office's mail jail for the weekend. 

So far we have only tried the Rose Petal Caramel with Gold Leaf, but if everything else is as delectable, then I am in for a real treat! I'm trying to have self-control and spread out the goodness as long as possible.

When I was interrupted by this wonderful distraction, I had been working on some different digital paintings for my Society6 account. If you would like to purchase any of the current designs that I have posted, there is a special promotion going on through February 10 until Midnight Pacific Time where you can get free shipping. All you have to do is follow this link:

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

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