Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Recap

With Valentine's Day finally out of the way, I decided it was okay to finish off the Teal Cat Project sample pack and was not disappointed! BJ surprised me after work with a bouquet from Bachman's (which Basil promptly started eating) and the full-sized Snowy Fairest that finally went to 70% off after being on clearance for at least a month. I love deals, so knowing he saved a bunch of money on it was a present as well! Target also set the new Easter Lalaloopsy mini which I had to scoop up right away. I made him a card of a donut and donut hole that reads "You Complete Me" on the inside. He gave me a pin from the Electric Fetus once that was similar and it fell off my bag without my noticing and has never been seen again.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts was having a special Valentine's Day event where everyone could give a favorite piece of art a heart. They're open until 9pm on Thursdays, so we decided to make a night of it and had dinner at The Bad Waitress, which is right around the corner on Eat Street. The cooks were having fun with the theme of the night!

We each ordered a vegan cake with vegan sausage that will knock your socks off and shared the Monster Plate O' Potatoes. This place makes food that is so good that it can't be described in words, but with a thumbs up and making noises with a full mouth.

Before we got there, I knew exactly who I would be giving my Valentine to. I have had a love affair with this piece ever since I saw a picture of it in a text book. Frank by Chuck Close is astounding photo realism on a large scale! Judging by all the hearts he collected, he is a favorite to many. A close second for me is Portrait of Mlle. Hortense Valpinçon by Edgar Degas. BJ has always liked Santos Dumont - The Father of Aviation II

For the longest time is was hanging where it could be seen hanging through an archway from the other side of the floor and to get to where it was you had to walk past these giant tapestries- I have an irrational fear of really big things so I didn't see it up close. Then they moved it. This time we visited, a lot of things were not where I was familiar with them being and I feared that some of my favorite pieces had moved on, but we did find most of them!

It is still cold here, but lately I've been seeing people in shorts and t-shirts. I guess I'm not the only one catching spring fever. The new Menards has finally opened in Richfield and I was really excited to visit the garden center and mentally prepare my balcony garden. Luckily, time seems to fly so it should be here before we know it! For example, here are pictures of my little baby Annabelle. My little goose could fit through a guinea pig tube.

Here she is today, exactly a year later.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the last four days of my early twenties before my birthday this Friday. Where did the time go? I'm looking forward to eating at Evergreen after picking my mom up at the airport. If you haven't eaten at Evergreen, it is amazing. The mock beef and broccoli is honestly the best thing I ever ate. It tastes so good that even if I am full to the point of sickness, I can't stop myself from finishing every last bite. There is always enough for leftovers, but it rarely makes it to the take-out box. Now I have to go occupy my thoughts so that I can make it through the week with these addiction-like cravings! Happy President's Day!

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