Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big Things Poppin!

Things have been busy around here lately. I'm currently preparing for my first craft fair! I'll be at Johnstock on June 1, 2013 in NE Minneapolis. When it gets closer, I'll repost the details. I'm really excited about putting together all the things for my booth! The theme is Fungus- Savory to Psychedelic. Here's a little preview of what to expect for sale.

Last week I had training for my live plant merchandising job. Growing up, my mom always had a ton of flowers and our backyard looked like something out of a Better Homes and Garden magazine. I've inherited the flower bug and can't wait to get around all those little beauties! Something else I've been obsessing on is Betty Goes Vegan.

 I put myself on the wait list so I could check it out from the library. When I couldn't stop thinking about it, I went to preview it at Barnes and Noble. I left without it, but I clearly couldn't wait because I was thinking about this book daily. Since I had gift cards for Amazon, I decided to buy it- the shipping was amazingly fast and I spent the next two days paging through all the recipes and marked just about every page!  It was embarrassing how excited I was when the mailman handed me that package. This is my bedside book! Before I bought it, I tried out the recipe for hollandaise sauce from their blog. The mushroom benedict that I had at Pizza Luce was begging to be replicated at home. I've never had "real" hollandaise sauce, so I can't vouch for it's authenticity, but I can tell you that it is so delicious it has become part of the weekly rotation! Licking the plate, pot, spoon, everything clean type good. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

We dubbed this past Saturday BBC America day because the new season of Doctor Who and the new series Orphan Black premiered. Do you remember your first Doctor? Mine was Season 2 Episode 7 "The Idiot's Lantern" with David Tennant as The Doctor. "HUNGRY!!! FEED ME!!!" To celebrate, we had Strawberry Quinoa Porridge from Betty Goes Vegan for breakfast. I didn't feel like making crumpets, so we just had English muffins instead.

For dinner we had bangers and mash in a homemade onion gravy. The bangers were Field Roast apple & sage sausages.

On Saturday, our Society6 order finally came! It was held hostage for several days somewhere between the transfer from DHL to USPS and possibly held in mail jail here at the apartment complex. Either way, the tracking system said it was delivered three days before it was actually delivered and it took a total of eleven days to arrive. I ordered the book from Amazon the previous Thursday and received it on Monday. BJ made an order from Vegan Essentials on Sunday and it was delivered on Tuesday. Every time I got a delivery I thought it would be Society6 and was shocked to get something else! The products are really great, but I think they should just use USPS as the shipper instead of going through DHL who ultimately hands it off to USPS for delivery anyway. BJ got a zip up hoodie. They run small, so if you decide to order one, you may want to size up.

I got a canvas tote. It is much larger than I had expected. Overall, I'm happy with the quality of everything!

On Wednesday we got to take a trip down to Mankato to see Redman in concert. In true rapper style, he was late to start his set and we had to endure a few acts beforehand that I couldn't hear above the mediocre beats, but I don't think I missed much in the way of substance. There was one guy I liked called Rakomaye. 

Since it was a Redman concert at the Red Sky Lounge on the Wednesday that the Supreme Court was hearing DOMA, I felt it was only appropriate to wear my Red Keds! No freedom 'til we're equal!

I'm off to play The Heist on repeat and be inspired.

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