Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

"It's still winter? Mail me somewhere warm!"

Today is the first of May and it is snowing. I have been a busy busy bee preparing for Johnstock which is only a month away! In addition to crazy crafting, I have (barely) started working my seasonal job merchandising annuals. Due to the relentless-never ending-perpetual-life draining-soul sucking winter, we are behind in our season. No body really wants to buy little beauties on a day that six inches of snow accumulates, which feels like nearly everyday for the entire month of April. After a week a wonderful weather, winter has reared its ugly head yet again. The last two days have been spent putting everything from the freshly stocked tables back onto carts and dragging them tirelessly into the store. If winter had a face, I'd punch it. Just this week my ears got sunburned and frost bite. >_<

During my hiatus, I've been on many great adventures. I've had some really great thrifting trips and hit major scores at garage sales! I think I've officially become known as the cat lady to one of the cashiers at Arc's. If it has a cat on it and it's cheap, I'll probably buy it. I found these cute nesting plates there. Cat party!!!

I went there with my mom this past weekend and found a shelf that I didn't even know I needed. I'm planning to refurb it using Vaseline to keep the adorable appliques intact.

There is a little boy walking a chicken. How could I say no?

I've been trying to limit myself to purchasing only things that I need for projects and such. I found a nice frame sans glass and a huge, cheap cork board which I cut to fit the frame. I'll be using it at my craft fair booth!

On my most wonderful garage sale expedition, I found two Pyrex dishes for only a dollar a piece! EEK! I also picked up a macramé plant hanger and a bamboo wind chime with a Buddha. They will be enchanting editions to my balcony!

That little plant behind them is Iron Cross Oxalis and was planted only two weeks ago! It looks like a four-leaf clover. Hopefully it will bring some luck to the unpleasant spring. 

Another great find was framed plastic hot air balloons at Rewind that I found while in the area dropping off my Johnstock booth fee. It is a great little shop and I can't wait to visit the location on Lyndale once the weather is nice enough for walking around!

We made it to Art in Bloom at MIA, despite the crazy schedules, which was fun. My favorite was the arrangement inspired by a painting of a tornado.

Speaking of enchanting and the pussy willows in that arrangement, I was wonderstruck to find a weeping pussy willow at the Depot and snatched it up! The little fuzzy catkins have already gone yellow and given way to leaves. I'm crossing my fingers that it will survive well in a large pot until I'm able to have a yard to plant it in permanently! The care card says it grants wishes, so I think I'll wish for 70 and sunny!

We made a homemade vegan meatless lovers pizza with pickles based on this recipe only with whole wheat flour instead of 00 because I didn't have any, but it was good! Pickles + pizza= a party in the mouth!

Well, that's all for now. Here's a little peak at what I'll have for sale at my booth! Johnstock will be held on Saturday June 1 from 10am-6pm at the 2800 block of Johnson St NE in Minneapolis. Pencil it in, it should be a fun time!

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