Friday, December 13, 2013

Countdown to Christmas

As we approach the home stretch of the Christmas season, I'm feeling pretty good about being able to finish all my presents. I only have a couple left! I haven't been good about posting the daily advent on Instagram. BJ has been working a lot of overtime and my phone has no ability to take pictures at night, not to mention that it has been gloomy (and extremely cold.) I've made up a few collages of what we've been up to this past week. 

Above you will see this year's "Christmas card." All the babies got in on the ugly sweater party action! Hamm is wearing a dog hat with the top cut off from Target. He's such a sweet little buffalo, I just want to squeeze his fluffy cheeks every time I see him. He is sniffing Annabelle because he loves to eat her fur (he did the same thing to Babie, they must have marshmallow flavored fur.) Annabelle only tried to bite him once during the photo session, so I'd say it was successful. Basil just wanted to get out of there and wasn't thrilled with costume changes. I believe she'll think all this business is worth it when she gets her cat cozy on Christmas!

I'm quite positive that my babies don't look at the Internet, so I think it's safe to show you what I've made up for them so far. Hammy and Basil are both getting cuddle caves. They were super easy to make and I had everything on hand. I found a bag of queen sized batting at the thrift store this summer for only $2 and the fabric I used for Hamm's was fabric I've had since one of my high school projects and a too-small cast off from his cage fleece that I picked up at the thrift store. Basil's was made of fleece I got from my mom's friend and a half yard that I bought at Jo-Ann's with no particular idea of how to use it. I'm going to make another one for Hammy that has some PLU between the outside fleece and the batting just so it doesn't absorb anything from the main fleece in his cage.

Also in the collage are close-ups of the fabrics I used to make the pillow cases from last post and pictures of the rest of the decorations around the apartment.

On day four of advent, BJ and I cut out some paper snowflakes. Day five, we watched the Sound of Music live. Did you watch it? I loved seeing Bill Compton as a different character, but I just kept expecting him to don a southern accent and say, "Sook-ay!" Don't get me started on True Blood. Anyway, on day six we drove around looking at Christmas lights. We decided to go to Summit Ave because last year the lights were pretty good. The governor's mansion last year was really pretty, this year was lame-o. Just blue multi-colored lights. The two houses across the street didn't disappoint though, as usual! 

Day seven, Saturday, we went to Holiday No Coast Craft-O-Rama at Midtown Global Market. I forgot to take any pictures of that. It's hard being broke at craft fairs. :( There were actually a bunch of fun things going on last weekend. We didn't get to the free Burlesque show like we had wanted, but we did go out to Roseville and visit the Kidrobot-esque store at the mall. Again, the brokeness... After that we went to a house in Shoreview that had a light show coordinated to their own radio station. It had a parking lot right across the street which was convenient. Someone else came to watch and didn't bother turning their car lights off. I recommend this house over the one in Chanhassen/Excelsior because of the parking and the fact that they aren't trying to sell you a religion. 

Day eight, we listened to the record I got on my tiny Winnie the Pooh record player. It wasn't made to play that sized record, so we could either listen to the chipmunk version, or a slower version. It was fun to take a step back in time and think about that being how people used to consume music. 

Day nine we made pomanders. BJ never made these in elementary school. Is this just a small town thing or did he miss out?

On day ten, we went to see Frozen with a free movie ticket from Disney Movie Rewards. The cashier was a nice young guy who hadn't seen the coupon before. He gave us free Olaf pins for the wait! YAY!!! I love pins and the movie was everything I was hoping it would be. Next on my must see list is Savings Mr. Banks, Walking with Dinosaurs, The Lego Movie (Feb 7), and I can't wait for the Boxtrolls in September!

We took the family photos on day eleven. BJ and I didn't get in on the action, although we have ugly sweaters. Day twelve, we watched Prep & Landing: Naughty vs Nice. That brings us to today, day thirteen. Friday the thirteenth! Today I am starting a mad baking spree including several types of cookies and a gingerbread house. Together, we are going to be making some fake cupcakes and watching the Santa Claws episode of Grimm! Thank Grimm it's Friday, but I am so sad that it is the fall season finale. 

Tomorrow I plan on making up some of the pinwheels I mentioned in an earlier post so that you can have the recipe! 

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