Wednesday, December 4, 2013


December is here already! My Thanksgiving was..."different" as we Minnesotans might call it. Black Friday didn't seem so busy this year. Since Annabelle's bladder infection spent any monies allotted for a shopping spree, we decided not to do much, but walked around the Mall of America after dinner since it was open. It was fairly busy, much like any normal Thursday night during the holiday rush. After that, we went to Target for a loaf of bread. It was around 10:30 so the store had already been open two and a half hours. We thought it would still be a madhouse, but the parking lot was pretty empty, much like any other Thursday night in Richfield. We made another trip the next afternoon because that's just what you do if you love Target. They had most all of their TVs, nooks, etc left. I just don't think the deals were really deals this year- or maybe I've just come to terms with the difference between wanting and needing and am able to let it go. That may be true with new things, but boy am I still needy for all things vintage.

Besides my midnight trip to Michaels (it was on the way home from Target and I had a coupon- why not?), I went to Flamingos for their Pink Friday sale. I found a terrifyingly cute tiny santa doll and a paper cut out of Santa in his sleigh. I also got another Shiny Brite reflector to try to replace the one that bit the dust. I decided to hang the broken one on my tree anyway... you can hardly tell! >_<

That brings us to December. Advent! Heidi Kenney and Amanda Krueger have a digital book called A Very Merry Advent on how to plan a fun advent. If you are familiar with Heidi Kenney, then you know she is the queen of holidays and probably want to be like her as much as I do. I got this and planned out BJ and my advent calendar. I still have the advent calendar I had as a child and hang it every year. It is actually one of my most treasured holiday items. I printed out a few pages of the vintage Pyrex gift tags and wrote out or planned activity for the day and stuck it in the little pockets.

For day one, we hung our solar lights outside- I'm not positive that one of them even works anymore. Normally, we are quite too lazy to even take them down, but this year, the balconies were painted and the crew took down my lights. Bleh, so we had to re-hang them and it has been way too cloudy and snowy for the little panels to absorb enough light to make them shine. They look nice during the day though...

Day two, we decided to play dreidel. I made it out of clay. Really, I did. I had the winning spin and won all the chocolate chips! 

Day three, we strung popcorn for the little birds outside. I haven't noticed anyone partaking in the festivities, though. 

Tonight is day four and the plan is to make paper snowflakes. Follow me on Instagram for continued coverage!

Amazingly, I got all my Christmas decorations up in one day, minus the night after Thanksgiving when I put up the big tree. The close-up ornament is my favorite that I talked about in an earlier post. The little tree is in the bedroom and it is actually the same tree I've used in my bedroom since high school! I have all of my favorite childhood ornaments on there which consist mostly of Disney and other unbreakables. I have two cats who think ornaments are toys, so the whole tree being that low to the ground, they have to be!

Yesterday, I finally made up envelope pillow cases for the season. I found the cutest vintage inspired snowmen patterned fabric. They're riding candy cane bicycles! Vintage Golden Book Frosty is probably one of my favorite winter images, this fabric is to die for. I also picked up a yard of a holiday shopping scene by Alexander Henry, but it was just a tad too small in every direction to make an envelope for the regular sized bed pillow, so I had to put in a zipper. Slightly frustrating, not entirely awesome looking at the top of the zipper, but nothing that I can't fix, or simply forget about! The other two fabrics are Jo-Ann's: one is vintage inspired string lights and the other an ugly sweater looking pattern. This place is shaping up to be ready for my ugly sweater party! Now I just need to find an ugly sweater for my gigantor Annabelle! I see a Target trip in my future.

Here's a little peak at some of my favorite things. The lighted snow globe and reindeer are from my childhood. One of the reindeer's antlers met the garbage disposal many moons ago. Hopefully the sun starts shining soon so I can take pictures of the rest of the place. I'm off to eat an Olive Garden inspired dinner while dreaming of my neighbors leaving before their eviction date.

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