Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halloween Shop Update!

I've added all sizes of candy corn plush to my Etsy shop. I'll add the Ouija boards, kitty-bons, and cat donuts as soon as I figure out shipping costs. I've got a show coming up on October 11 in Garden City, MN for everyone in SW MN, so I'll be listing these as made to order so that I have stock for the show.

This past Saturday I was at No Coast Craft-o-Rama Takes a Field Trip and I couldn't have asked for better weather! It started raining during tear down, but it didn't start raining hard until we were on the road. 35W North was closed which I think may have detracted from the crowd. There was a kids game in front of my booth that was way too close most of the day and didn't even allow people to walk in front of my booth at times. A lot of people walked past and grumbled, "Well, tis the season I guess..." about my Halloween stuff. It's the end of September and it's not as if I was selling Christmas trees, People. Seriously. Where are my Halloween lovers?! Not at that craft show I guess. I had a decent day, but nothing like I'd expected. If anyone has the secrets to being a success as craft shows, I'd love to hear it because I can't live off compliments.

Anyway, I'm off to figure out how I can possibly live my life without Dawson's Creek on Netflix. >_<

Up Next... Halloween House Update!

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