Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Will Craft for Pyrex

I spent last week making felt candy [pine] cones for the 50 swag bags given out to the first to arrive at Maker Fair last Saturday. I really under estimated the time it would take me to cut all the pieces out and assemble. It is a simple enough craft, but each one had 13 different pieces to cut and assemble to create the final product. >_< I was quite pleased with how they turned out and even made 5 more with brown bottoms to give out as additional swag bags to people who spent a certain amount of money at my booth.

I was entirely too positive in general about this show. The forecast was beautiful weather- for Minnesota in October, which I forgot to take into consideration- so I went without a jacket... There was frost on the ground when we arrived and our inside booth actually ended up being colder than many of the outside booths. I got frost bite being inside for 6 hours! On top of that, my booth was a lot smaller than I'm used to and I didn't have room for everything to be arranged the way I wanted. I think I did have one of the best looking booths, though.

I brought Scary Grant along to set up a cute little vignette with many of my products. The kids liked him, the adults thought he was stupid. The crowd was not at all shy with rudeness. I truly believe that "Minnesota Nice" is extinct. Why couldn't we have parted with the long good-bye instead? Maybe we're still trying-ha!

Using my quilt rack was a last minute idea I came up with last week that ended up being a life saver in terms of product display. BJ and I made the baskets out of chicken wire we bought a few years ago to make the balcony cat-friendly. Then we wrapped the sharp edges in ribbon.

Overall, I was happy when the day ended. My hands and feet were buzzing when I finally got warm again. Of course I had to do what any Pyrex addict does when they're feeling feelings- hit up some local junk shops.

The occasional sales in MPLS opened on Wednesday and I picked up these two pieces. Imagine my surprise when I found the 4 little ramekins that complete the hostess set all the way in Ormsby, MN a few days later!

I also finally found an actual red 501 to complete my primary fridgie set. The only turquoise Pyrex I found was this snowflake divided dish, but it is so minty! I also picked up a vintage knee hugger elf, a Radko white cat ornament because I'm obsessed, and a delightfully creepy West Germany diorama ornament with what I'm calling a bearded snow witch inside. The mushroom candle holders were so much cheaper than the ones I passed on last winter at an occasional sale, so they came home with me as well. I just can't believe the lack of awesome vintage Halloween, or even awesome new Halloween for that matter, this year.

I made a Halloween advent calendar, which we have not really been following since we've had so much to do in preparation for the show last Saturday. We have started trying to catch up with it, though, so I'll share our creations soon! Also, I will be adding some of the things that didn't sell to my Etsy shop this week. :)

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