Monday, November 24, 2014

Santas and Deer and Pyrex, Oh My!

If you can believe this, BJ and I didn't visit Arc's, or anything other thrift, this past week! (BJ caught the collecting bug and said we don't have nearly enough Christmas tableware, >_<!!!) We had to run to Target to pick up some things for dinner and Arc's is on the way home from the Edina location, so of course we stopped by. Boy am I upset we didn't get there a few minutes earlier. People, I'm telling you that I was straight up jonesing when I looked over at this girls cart and saw a 403 Butterprint. BJ brought me a 472 Early American that was in pretty perfect condition and said that was all the Pyrex they had, but I'm not trying to collect that pattern. I was feeling pretty high on these finds when he found me, but this was before Butterprint.

I found a Holt Howard mug which we just so happen to have purchased a set of recently. I also found this Santa pitcher which has no maker's mark and I can't find anything to identify it online. Seriously cute. Like most every other vintage Christmas collector, I'm in love with the Santa head mugs, so I'm always scouring the shelves to find them at a good price. The guy on the right is almost hot pink, he's having a good time.

I picked up a small embroidered vintage table cloth, a couple cute little German ornaments, a deer marked 1968 that is TO DIE FOR, a few unmarked holly printed milkglass plates, an ugly napkin ring, a vintage Donald Duck ornament, and a cute Santa on a stick. I looked over at the glass counter and saw a ceramic tree for only $10 and it is marked made by the residents of Masonic Home Care Center, Minneapolis, MN. There was one with a light in it on one of shelves in the Christmas section that they wanted $25 for, and this one didn't have a light, but it had life. Obvious choice! I can get a light at the dollar store. That's basically where my excitement ended because I spotted the Butterprint. My heart started racing, my hands started shaking, I could hardly breathe. This is addiction. I spent the next very long time trying to work up courage to ask her if she planned on reselling it so that I could buy it off her because that's how bad I have it. I've only found one BP dish at a thrift store and I really feel that it needs to happen to me more often. Well, that didn't happen so I cruised the kitchen section to appease myself and found a Pyrex flameware tea pot. I also found a framed Pyrex ad that is most likely repop, but whatevs, it was a dollar.

We woke up early on this Saturday, a day finally over freezing, to head over to an estate sale in Plymouth where I spotted this Snowflake Pyrex and adorable deer. We were only the third party to line up, so I had my pick of the litter! BJ said some ladies came in later and beelined for the kitchen and then passed him and said, "That's a good one." I guess I didn't get BP, but I did get snowflake, which is kind of just as good. I also picked up an unmarked yellow primary 404 for a buck! It's pretty beat up, but I can't complain for the price. My kitties also got a new-to-them vintage food bowl with cats that look like Gigi from Kiki's Delivery Service!

Also, I saw this game out of the corner of my eye. It has Lucille Ball on it. Died. 

We decided to stop by Arc's just to do something on Saturday afternoon. Blendo. Ohmigod! Good things are happening. We are on a roll! :)

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