Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Can't Stop, Won't Stop Craigslist

That beautiful baby above is what started my affinity for Craigslist. One morning, after scrolling through pictures on Instragram and noticing someone's super awesome Pyrex score from Craigslist, I thought to myself "why didn't I ever think of that?!" So I decided to do a little looking myself with my favorite keyword. I almost died when I saw this listed for only $8! I even picked up a few Shiny Brites while there.

Of course, it can't be all great. This past week someone was a complete b-face and sold something I had already agreed to buy from her to someone else. Because I couldn't go and pick it up that night she thought it would be polite to pretend to have to speak to her husband to set up another time and increased the price of the listing $10, then gave her address to someone else who was able to go to a creepy neighborhood in the dark with cash. She had obviously planned to just not contact me again, but I really wanted these bowls (Butterprint Cinderellas) to complete (and upgrade in a couple cases) my set. I'll definitely remember not to deal with her in the future. The rest of her Pyrex was brown and ugly anyway, so good luck with that ish.

I thought I'd search for an old chair I could use at the computer in my future house. Imagine a heavy wooden rolling chair from a smokey PI scene from a 40's film Noir. I passed on one from Urban Cottage way back, but the only one I found on Craigslist was about 3 times as much. Pass again! For some reason, this cute little gossip seat came up in the search. The price was right so we picked it up. It needs some major TLC and has obviously been recovered at least once, and will be again. There is an excessive assortment of staples, furniture tacks, and push pins- that should be fun! >_< I've got Menard's giftcards so I might pick up some staples this weekend. I'll try to remember to take in-progress photos to document the process.

I've learned something about Pyrex indirectly through Craigslist. There was a baking set made to coordinate with the Horizon Blue bowls. It came with a light blue loaf pan which a lot of eBay sellers try to pass off as turquoise, knowingly or not. I found a comparison picture of them side by side and the colors are quite different. Beware. Since I saw so many listed as turquoise/aqua on eBay, I thought one I found on Craigslist was just that. The seller thought it was light blue. He was right. I'd never seen this set before and only found the loaf pans listed turquoise/aqua. I found a picture of the set with the original box in a completely unrelated search and remembered he had the other two pans in the set for sale. For whatever reason he just had to sell two loaf pans as a set together instead of keeping the true set together: loaf, cake, and lasagna. I felt really bad, but we had to call off the deal because I didn't want to pay retail for pans I didn't want in my personal collection. Sorry, man.

Since we were out in Burnsville for the chair, I thought we might as well go to Unique (Valu Village.) Lucky for us it was 25% off day because everything was priced so crazy that I needed a discount to even consider making a purchase. Not a piece of Pyrex in sight, but I did find these cute canisters. The design looks like Franciscan Bursts. One can has a scratch across the front and they all have some minor rusting inside, and they're yellow. I wasn't sure if I wanted them because they were all priced separately and according to size, bleh. I decided with the discount I could at least get my money back if I end up not wanting to keep them. This thrift store was actually trying to get $3 for empty LalaLoopsy mini boxes. Sometimes people donate garbage they don't want to throw away themselves, it doesn't mean you have to sell it...

But the day was made all better because we made a last minute trip to Arc's before heading home and found a Butterprint fridgie!

Well, I'm off to go cry in the most exterior corner of the apartment because I'm tired of listening to my neighbor howling. There's no place like owning a home, there's no place like owning a home, there's no place like owning a home.

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