Wednesday, January 7, 2015

This Is Why They Make Long Underwear

Today most schools across the state are closed, except for St Paul- they made it optional. Do you see this? Feels like -30 degrees Fahrenheit. I only live here because I can't afford to leave. Thankfully I'm sitting in a nice warm southerly sun. If it weren't for the fact that I'm human and can't hibernate (and also abhor sleeping,) well then I'd be doing just that because this is terrible! I received two pairs of thermals for Christmas. At first I thought it a bit strange because I most certainly didn't put long underwear on my list, but of course they come in handy.

We decided to visit both Richfield and Bloomington Arc's over the holiday weekend. Someone who collected shakers must have recently bought the farm because I found a ton of cute made in Japan sets. The people who package them for the floor are geniuses- most of them were broken because they were put together loose in a plastic bag then thrown in a tote with all the others. The little pandas(?) in the back left of the picture were too cute to leave behind, but one of them is broken in two places and was already repaired in one of the spots before. Because of that, I think I'll repair it again. The stump is a little sugar dish with a spoon!

Do you remember when I was going through withdrawals because someone picked up a butterprint 403 at Arc's and that someone wasn't me? I found a super nice one in Hopkins that came with a 401 and 402 so I think this will end up being the better deal anyway. Now I just need to tell myself that I really, seriously don't need doubles because my apartment is getting smaller.

I found two Franklin Mint outfits for my Lucy doll that my mom gave me a million years ago when it came out. I always wanted the trunk and the dresses, but they were crazy expensive. I'm fighting the urge to take out the jewelry and play with her. 

I decided to take one last look around before checking out and I'm so glad I did! This Lucy Show paper doll set is so much fun. It doesn't have the stands and seems to be missing some of the clothes, but it's still perfect for my collection. I picked up a frame for it on clearance from Michael's and hung it up next to my I Love Lucy comic and People magazine from her death. I think I'm going to put Lucy and Viv in another frame because they simply need to be seen!

Guess who's finally going to see the I Love Lucy stage show at the end of this month?! I've been waiting for them to come here for years and was almost ready to just go see it in Chicago until I got notice that Minneapolis made the tour! 

There are some exciting things that are in the works that I hope all pan out. In the meantime, I need to go get in shape for the warm months I'm dreaming about.

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