Monday, April 6, 2015

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Sorry, it's been a while- again. Life took me down, but I'm trying to get back up. I've been working on some new designs for Spoonflower. I plan on ordering proofs soon so that I can put them up for sale. So far I have a bakelite design and a new Pyrex design in addition to the mugs/tumblers design that I made for a contest a few weeks back. You can see the designs by clicking the link above. I'll be sure to post once they are for sale.

Since the incident a few weeks ago, I have had enough good luck at estate sales to feel better about going to them again. We've decided to commit to getting there very early in an attempt to get good numbers and it has been paying off. We were actually 2 & 3 in line a couple of weeks ago and got a very old Hamm's beer bottle with original stopper. We're starting to collect Hamm's stuff in honor of our guinea pig, Hamm. Since there is Twins cross-over, it really works out! I wanted a mirrored shadow box shelf, but it was marked more than we wanted to pay for it, so onto the next. Last week we hit it big! I got 4 vintage Halloween Beistles. The cat is my favorite!

We also picked up a striped Hazel Atlas bowl, a cute vintage tablecloth with cats and dogs, a vintage red Cosco chair, and a couple of pixies at the same sale. Then we went to a second day sale and got a bunch of things for the shop. This past weekend, we got nearly everything we went for, except two old jack o lanterns that I think lit up. I did score a tiny jack pail the lady didn't see, though! Yay! In an effort to not be a hoarder, most things will be going to the shop eventually.

The main reason I picked this past week's sale was for the WWII era Shiny Brite ornaments. I scored a lot of great vintage Christmas items. They've already been divided up into keep and sell and packed away safely.

That's all for now. I'm going to try harder to get into a routine that works so that I can be creative and post regularly. Things are going to start getting busier when spring really starts to take seed here. We hope to have some really big news soon enough!

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