Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yay Spring!

Last Friday, it was snowing flakes so big it looked like snowballs were falling from the sky. Minutes later it was the sunniest day we had had in a week and the snow all melted. That's spring in Minnesota for you. I've spotted my first daffodils and a handful of garage sale signs. I also started my plant merchandising job quite randomly this week. I guess life is about to become unbearably busy, so before burnout strikes, I thought I'd give a little update on what's been going.

Of course we hit an estate sale early last Saturday. We were hoping to score a full set of Jadeite swirl bowls, but they were marked a mid-level eBay price, which was double what we had wanted to spend. They were over the price threshold for 50% off day, so we didn't even bother going back the second day to see if they were still there because it would have still been above our max price. I did pick up a nice assortment of vintage Christmas, a big pink plastic vintage bag, a pink Borg scale, and a mint condition air-way vacuum attachment holder. I put that in the bathroom and stuck my various brushes and combs in it.

We were invited by our favorite cashier to attend a friend and family shopping event after hours at our main thrift. I found a cool art deco candelabrum, two beautifully embroidered Christmas pillowcases, a vintage clutch, and a picture frame with domed glass. We also scored a friendship 442 and Salem North Star serving bowl from Craigslist. We stopped at the shop and were pleasantly surprised at how well we're doing this month. I'm really excited that things are finally coming together for us! To celebrate, I picked up some cute boomerang fabric that I'm going to use as the back of a brooch board I'm planning on making once I find the right frame. I also found a couple Bakelite bangles for a steal!

I started working on Tuesday, which meant my first bike ride of the year. It was really hard and just emphasized how fat I really got over the winter. Bleh. Luckily I was able to get a ride home- probably the last time this year, so I better get in shape fast! I actually went to the thrift store twice in one day, once with my mom and then with BJ later, and had some excellent scores. I didn't want to go out the second time, but it was very worth it as we found snowflake and butterprint at Goodwill for shockingly good prices. Then I found a Shawnee lucky elephant cookie jar waiting for me at my main thrift. It gave me hope that one day I will find my holy grails in the wild. I asked a mystic golf ball at the thrift store and it told me I will find both Eyes and Diamonds. Please be soon!

BJ came walking up to me with a turquoise Club pot and I was amazed that it wasn't $30 because that is the general lowest price for dutch ovens. If it is a brand they recognize, they will put $60 on it. There is a Martha Stewart enamel cast iron one with the enamel chipped off everywhere for $40. They. Are. Crazy. What blows my mind even more is that people actually buy them, but I can't talk because I just bought a dead DWD Heinz promotional. I'm not proud of it though. The addiction is real. I don't know how BJ missed the Lustro-Ware canister set, but it was such an amazing price. The coffee and tea canisters are inside and were not separately priced. I think that person needs to work everyday, please! I also got a 'UFO to Go' sandwich maker which I plan on hanging in my vintage kitchen as soon as we get a house. (Please be soon, too!) Yesterday we found a DWD red casserole hostess Pyrex, so now I have both sizes. I broke down and got a turquoise fade mug on eBay because I haven't found a good mug in the wild in too long and I've been lusting after all the ones being posted on Instagram.

I've been working like crazy all day on fabric designs. You can see them on Spoonflower. They aren't for sale yet, but will be soon. I've got a bunch more designs in my head that I want to make before ordering so that I can order all the swatch proofs at once. My goal for ordering is by the end of next week, so expect them all for sale in about two weeks!

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