Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Junk Update #2

Welcome back! I was able to cross three more pieces off my wishlist. Someone I follow on Instagram posted that these were for sale in her Etsy shop and they were a quarter of the price of eBay. Including shipping, I figured I would be paying nearly the same amount even if I was lucky enough to thrift all of them because thrifts are crazy here. They all seem to think they're antique stores now. Seeing as this is a promotional set in a highly sought after color/design, I popped! It was honestly the best packing I've ever received and they're beautiful. I hoard lids so it didn't even matter that they didn't come with them.

That weekend I decided to try my hand at an estate sale, despite it being put on by my least favorite company. I super over paid for this damaged battery operated pumpkin lantern from the 50's. It doesn't work, either. Ugh! I'm still regretting it. You know when you walk up to the cashier and she doesn't look you in the eye and she says, "That is really collectable!" that she is justifying charging too much. I was junk drunk and sweating from tiny house and huge crowd, which affected my judgement. The wifi wasn't working so I paid by check instead of card. I haven't bothered getting new checks since changing my name and moving apartments because my name is essentially the same and I don't use a lot of checks. I had just heard the cashier tell someone they don't check IDs for cards after someone tried to hand her an ID when she looked at my check and yelled in an almost demonic voice, "YOU CHANGED YOUR NAME?!?!?!?!?! LET ME SEE YOUR ID!!!!" I looked at her amazed and laughed while saying, "I just un-hyphenated my last name..." Between BJ and I, we have had 4 credit card numbers stolen over the past few years thanks to cyber thieves, but never our checks. Considering that, I feel confident that it would be more beneficial to check IDs for cards rather than becoming a total nutbag over a check. I don't have a common last name, so it is quite unlikely that someone with a slight derivative of my name is going to find my checkbook on my person, steal it, and go to estate sales. She didn't check the picture against my face, she just looked at the name and address on my license against what I crossed out and corrected on the check. Um, the license I'm showing you isn't going to give you the history you're searching for, Moron. Just another reason why I hate that company.

We actually picked up a Salem North Star gravy boat, creamer, two serving trays, a serving bowl, 7 dessert bowls, and a bread plate for only $25. They don't always get it right in their favor and I'm glad that it made the experience worthwhile. I also paid a dollar for a yummy in my tummy melmac Seseme Street plate that I had when I was a child, which promptly chipped because it fell out of the cupboard after BJ precariously placed it inside. At least the Hazel Atlas crinoline it hit didn't break, too.

I didn't find anything else worth buying that weekend, except for this celluloid brooch of westies with rotating heads. The heads are top heavy, so most of the time they are both upside down. It makes them look creepy and I like it!

After that, we didn't find anything for a week! We went to Arc's one day and the woman who practically lives there had just put a Fire King black dots splash proof bowl into her cart and was bragging about it being only 4.49. She doesn't usually buy the same things that I do, so I was extra disappointed. 

There is a church rummage sale in the next neighborhood over that I look forward to every year and we both took off to go to it the first day. Most everything in the main area was $1 and .50 for clothes. I picked up the table cloth for $4, cookbook for $2 and the miniature roosters and deer for $2 total from the stage area which is designated for things they consider vintage/antique. Everything else pictured was $1 each, except for the rooster tray and the electric warmer the pyrex is setting on, which were $2 each. The baby sweater has really cute early plastic dog faces glued onto it. For .50, I couldn't leave it behind! The little jadeite measuring cup has a chip on the handle, but I love dollar jadeite!

This little rooster cake decoration was also found on the stage for .50. Doesn't he look cute in the McCoy planter with my baby toes succulent? (I've already killed my second cobwebs succulent in the pumpkin planter next to it. I think it's time to try a fake one...)

I'll leave it there. Come back tomorrow for day three (bag day) of the rummage sale and this past weekend's bountiful harvest of vintage!

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