Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sales and Swaps

This past weekend was full of a lot of vintage goodness. BJ and I had a lazy Saturday morning and didn't get going as early as we had planned. I had an appointment to get my color touched up in the afternoon so I had to wash my hair before we left to maximize shopping time. We weren't early birds, but I think we still caught a few worms! 

The first place we stopped was at the yard sale of Rockabilly shop owners who are moving to California next month. They didn't have everything out because he said there is a massive amount of stuff they want to get rid of before moving across country. There were some really great light fixtures that I'd have loved to take home, but I don't have anymore room to store things for the house we hopefully have in the future. I left with only a Cabbage Patch kids bank for my sister and a little moonstone Anchor Hocking dish.

Since we were in St. Paul, we went to a 2nd day estate sale not too far away. There was a snowflake 045 in the pictures which I never thought would still be there, but it was, and half off too! The lady of the house was obviously a talented maker. I picked up a handmade doily pillow and a knitted candy striped table runner. I also found a vintage santa/snowman hand towel, an original jelly tote, three honeycomb pumpkins, a spun head santa, and a flocked pumpkin pick. I'm still kicking myself for not buying one of the many pinup blotters.

There was a note left in the tote from the last time it was used. What am I going to to with this? I'm so ridiculous, I don't know if I can get rid of it. Annabelle really likes this tote. Every time she sees it, she jumps in it and immediately tips over because she's way too big for it. It doesn't stop her from trying, though! I'm really hoping I can get a video of her doing it because it's pretty funny.

An albino squirrel came up to us wanting food when we were leaving the estate sale. That's the heel of BJ's shoe to give you an idea of how close he got to us. We didn't have any food, so he must get fed a lot by the people in the neighborhood. We walked around the pond near our apartment Thursday night and a bunch of ducks got out of the water when they saw us coming in hopes that we'd throw food at them. A ways back we encountered a not so trusting mother duck and her babies. They crossed the path, but two of them stayed in the water on the other side instead of going along with the family. Mama was very upset and was frantically looking for them in the water on her side and they were squeaking on the other side trying to find a way out. She eventually got really mad, flew to the other side and yelled at her rebellious babies. Meanwhile, the large group of babies on the other side was wondering where she went and they ran as quick as they could across the path. The last one tripped on the grass before getting into the pond. It was so cute!

I found a cute little diorama with a vintage wooden Mrs. Claus cleaning her kitchen. It's so cute and the price was right. In addition to that, I found a really huge tomato pin cushion, a dark blue clear bottom 326 Pyrex bowl, and 3 Elvis records that were actually priced the same as all the other records (usually they want 4x as much for Elvis, if you can find one!) BJ brought the panda clock home for me on Wednesday night. He said that he was more excited about finding the clock than he was about his softball games he had after. I guess that means he caught the vintage bug!

Sunday was the Pyrex swap. I had lined up a trade, which I'm really grateful for because no one was really looking to swap Pyrex for Pyrex. Most people wanted to swap Pyrex for cash and weren't really leaving their tables to look around. That's not as fun, makes me more poor, and adds to the hoard instead of lightening it. It ended early because a huge storm rolled in. Luckily we had everything packed and in the car before it started to rain. The picture above is just my hoard of Pyrex. I seriously didn't know I had SO. MUCH. VERDE. I sold one piece and actually have another sale lined up so it wasn't a total loss of money. I didn't have all crappy stuff either; I'm disappointed that I didn't get rid of more. There's a huge road construction project starting in a couple of weeks that's going to hurt traffic into our shop so we may have to turn to the internet to sell off some of our stuff. The studio has become a non-walk-in closet. You can't even walk in it...

This is what I left with for my keeps pile. I finally completed my Gooseberry fridgie set!!! I traded for the black snowflake DD and bought the space saver for a decent price. It's dishwasher damaged, but tis my life... I couldn't remember if I needed the turquoise 402 or the 403 and stupidly didn't have my list. Obviously I bought a duplicate 402 because that's my luck. Anyone willing to trade a 402 in great shape for a 403?

Lastly, I just wanted to let you know, incase you don't follow me on Instagram (which you should!) that I have cut-and-sew pillows available in my Spoonflower shop! That's all for now. I'm going to go build a trellis for my butternut squash to grow on.

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