Saturday, December 19, 2015

Forgotten Finds

I updated my last post with new pictures because the sun finally came out! While taking pictures today, I discovered some things I never shared. I found the ornament above at Arc's. It's sadly broken in one spot, but when I saw him while digging through the ornament bins, it was love at first sight! The one behind him is the spinner that I picked up at Loft Antiques this fall. My lights don't get warm enough to spin it though... :(

I found this NIP pinecone set at Arc's. I almost passed right over it because I thought, "oh that's in a box, it must be new." Then I turned it over after rethinking and immediately set it in my cart. I paid for it because Arc's is really cool and thinks their an antique store, but I doubt I'll ever find another any cheaper. 

Here's a closer look at my cart o' Santas. I found the Rushton Coke Santa with his bottle at Arc's the same trip as the pinecones. Only 5.49!!! They have a rubber faced Santa in the case right now with a huge tear in his arm for more than double the price. My heart was racing when I saw him in a box that hadn't been unpacked yet. He is my greatest Christmas find ever from the thrifts! The hat that Velvie is wearing is from my coworker's shop. She had a booth at a holiday fair last week and I ALWAYS find something from her! I also came home with a Holt Howard candle holder with a little girl and deer that can be seen on my deer table in the previous post. We share an affinity for kitsch. I haven't discussed it with her, but I think of her as my shop bestie. 

I caved and got this guy on eBay. I have almost no willpower when it comes to Christmas kitsch so the internet is a very dangerous place that I avoid browsing. I think he was worth it though. All the creepy Santas, please!!!

I found this tablecloth at Arc's this year for a steal. I just finally got it washed and put on my table and I'm really sad that I don't have longer to spend with it. It is one of my favorite Christmas items that I've thrifted!

Here's this one again. The Tom and Jerry set is another thing that I paid a high price for at Arc's, but we had a coupon that made it almost half price so I'll call it even. Not even close to what you'd expect to pay on eBay. It's setting on top of my Golden Poinsettia that I wish so much was in better shape, but I can always trade up when I find one. 

I threw my glittery Santas and their deer friends into the gumball machine with a disco ball ornament so they could party all season long. These are a favorite find from this past spring. It was the Jadeite swirl sale by the B's in pink that we waited 3 hours for only to find it priced at a very high-end eBay price. Needless to say we didn't get it, or bother going back the next day because it would only be 30% off and still not worth it in my mind. I did get a bunch of Christmas kitsch though!

This shelf houses all my early and pre season Thriftmas finds mixed with coordinating Pyrex and mugs.

And here's a long shot of the scene simply because the aluminum tree looks so glamorous and makes my heart sing! Now, I'm off to make cookies! 

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