Friday, April 1, 2016

Pyrex Wallpaper for your Phone

I randomly discovered that someone is using one of my digital pyrex designs as cellphone wallpaper. While it is flattering that someone would like it enough to do this, it also makes me sad. I have not yet offered a digital download of my designs for any use. It was taken without my permission and then posted as a screenshot on the Internet and I got no credit. I know that the intentions behind it weren't coming from a bad place, but I still think people should think before they take other people's photos/music/designs/etc. If the artist isn't giving it away for free, then it is not yours to take. It simply being on the Internet isn't permission to take and distribute how you please. I spent a lot of time creating each pattern and bowl and combining them into new designs. At the very least, I'd like credit, but obviously prefer to also be compensated for my time as well.

Because of this, I've added a digital download package to my etsy shop. It includes 5 pyrex wallpaper designs that can be used expressly for one single person's personal use as a phone wallpaper.

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