Monday, August 10, 2015

First Time for Everything

A few things happened this weekend that I never expected! It started on Thrifty Thursday. I spotted my first piece of Dansk in the wild. I didn't buy it though because it was priced well over the sold prices on eBay and I'm trying to limit the incoming junk and outgoing cash. So, although it was so high priced, it was still gone the next day when I was hoping to use my $10 off coupon to bring the cost into a more reasonable zone. The same thing happened to a crazy priced McCoy planter. Don't buy it and they will stop pricing at high antique store prices! Ugh! I was disappointed about the Dansk, but knew I had a good sale coming up on Saturday.

We were late for being as early as I had wanted to be for the sale, but it turned out that we really didn't have to be. For the first time ever, we were the first people at the sale! We looked and looked for someone with numbers. Up the street, around the block, no one. Luckily we had a deck of cards and a pen in the car to make numbers and we used a reusable produce bag that we had in a bag of bags. We obviously were not prepared for this to happen and certainly would never start handing out numbers if someone else was already doing so. Not only is that rude, but I have debilitating social anxiety so the idea of tens of people coming up to the car window and taking a number makes me really nervous. I brought a book, like every week, hoping to make a dent in it, but I was too worked up to focus on a story line. We got there at approximately 5:24 am and no one else showed up until around 6ish. At around 6:30 this professional a-hole showed up, parked in front of us, got out of his car, and said, "Oh, we have double numbers. I don't like that." Instead of coming up and talking to us about this supposed "double numbers" he went and talked to the jewelry lady who got there second. This guy pulls this crap every week. He pays his friends to hold good numbers for him so he doesn't have to get up so early. It's really annoying. I guess his friend didn't make it to the sale before we did so he was shit out of luck and left like a booboo baby. Seriously, never a week goes by without some kind of drama. Yet we continue to go...

This week we went to a "moving" sale. I think the house is owned by a younger hipster couple because there were ultra high heels galore in a fancy-schmancy house, but there was a bunch of vintage and vintage reproductions. We left with a big ghost blowmold, a large celluloid Santa head light, a tabletop aluminum tree, a flocked Santa/elf ornament plus 2 vintage bottlebrush trees, a red unnumbered 404 that I've learned was sold as an add on to the primary set in 1949, and a vintage Christmas apron. I found BJ 2 Twins patches and a sticker. I don't know if they are vintage, reproduction, or both since they have started using the old logo again. 

Here is a detail of the apron. It has ornament shaped hot air balloons carrying skinny Santas, carolers, and reindeer with penguins free falling with the presents being dropped. It also has pockets!

I didn't get a second chance on the Dansk at the thrift that day, but I did find this cool lucite bangle with bugs in it. It makes me gag looking at it, but I'm sure someone will love it! I'm always looking for Dansk and had never seen it in the wild before that day. Who would have thought that we would find other piece that same weekend?! BJ found a red lasagna pan. I love it, but there is a chip in the enamel on the bottom edge inside, so it apparently is no longer food safe. 

Halloween hunting was kind of a bust. There was some stuff out at Home Goods, but nothing to die for yet. I went to two different Michaels in search of specific items I've seen on Instagram, but they don't have them and don't look like they will ever have them. We stopped at Menards and they only had candy so far, but we did buy a movie collection called Scared Silly with a bunch of horror comedies and a Lucille Ball collection for only $5 each! I think we will make a trip to a Tuesday Morning store this week. I've never been to one so I hope it doesn't disappoint! In the meantime, I think I'll start taking out Halloween slowly because I love to spend as much time as I can with my decorations. I ripped off half of my right ring finger nail last night, so I'll fit right in! So gross and painful. Next week we are on thriftcation, hope it's a good one!!!

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