Wednesday, August 5, 2015

To Grandfather's House We Go

We met my mom at her father's house on Sunday for a visit and to help her move some things into a trailer to take home. He's getting on in age and wants to get rid of things beforehand. If it were up to him, I think we would be left with nearly all of the contents of the house, but there is only so much space. My mom took one of his table and chair sets, a hutch, an organ, and a horse collection. I, gladly, left with much less, and two things I swore I would never own!

My grandpa seems to be a clock collector. He said he owns more than 50 cuckoo clocks, but doesn't wind them anymore. BJ's parents have one cuckoo clock. We said we would never own one, but, now we have two! I have acquired somewhat of a clock collection over the past year, is this hereditary? He insisted that we take his electric dog clock that he says is from the 30's or 40's to sell in our shop. He also told me to pick out one of his cuckoo clocks to keep, so I chose the most elaborate one that has a water mill and couples dancing. It came from the Black Forest. Before we left, he said we know where to come if we ever want more, so I took another tiny one that got me with its mushroom and deer. That one looks to be missing the thing needed to wind it. Not that I plan on winding them because, noise pollution. I get enough of that from the road and highway traffic, planes, olympic swim team on one side, and The Reverend Wannabe Ric Flair on the other.

I was immediately drawn to this beautiful hanging lamp. I won't hang it here in the apartment because everything I've tried to hang in the ceiling has eventually fallen out. I'm pretty sure this place is built out of cheap drywall, asbestos, lead paint, and a dream. I don't want to risk breaking this beauty, so it will wait for our forever home. (Please be soon!) I also took a few plastic doilies that were everywhere.

His late wife had been a doll enthusiast. This is the only doll I decided to take for keepsies. He is a Madame Alexander 1967 "so big" baby. His face is just so adorable with the chubby cheeks and curious expression! When he is held, he looks like a real baby because his head is so heavy compared his his soft body.

We're going to have to go back on a Saturday sometime because most of the junk stores in town were closed. There was one that I saw was open as we left. The window caught my eye with Jadeite, but it was too rich for my blood. There was a Miss Priss set that I really hope is still there next time. The only thing we left with was this little deer shaker and bowl set. 

That concludes our awesome weekend. This week I look forward to a big delivery of fall plants at the Depot and hopefully some successful Halloween hunting!

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