Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Great Weekend

BJ and I had a really great weekend. It didn't start out so promising, though. The estate sale I picked out turned out to be in a farm house that was at the end of a road in a suburb not far from where we live. The barn looked like it was ready to cave in with a slight breeze, and the yard was filled with garbage and debris. We got numbers 5 and 6, but so few people showed up to this "digger" sale that the guy in charge decided to let everyone in with no regard for numbers, so the waiting game was completely pointless. If I'd known that, I would have shown up an hour and 45 minutes later than we had... I was still able to get the golden grapes 444 with chip bracket that I went for, but the other things I'd had in mind were either too expensive or taken. We found a Hamm's bear for only $5. I don't know if he was handmade or what, but he's cute either way. I also picked up a little something special for someone and a little vintage Christmas knick knack. By the time we left, things had turned around!

We did the Dr. Oz 3 day fat flush Wednesday through Friday, so by Saturday I was more than ready to eat! (BJ lost 8 pounds! Me, not so much...) We had breakfast and after a while headed out to tackle the long list of chores/errands. Of course we made a pit stop at the thrift store! I picked up this cool old beer sign mirror for a song. Then it got even better. BJ came up to me holding a 475 Gooseberry in great condition!!! I always like to look at all the aisles, even if BJ has already looked, because he often misses things. Huzzah! A 501 delphite!!! No lid, sadly, but I really didn't think I'd ever find one in the wild, so I'm happy. I got to cross two things off my wish list in one trip.

We took care of business at our garden plot. We have to pick before things are ripe because someone keeps stealing our tomatoes. We also have an infestation of squash bugs. I think we have a handle on it now, but I don't know if my baby boo plant will survive.

There was a Christmas in July half off sale at one of the stores of a local chain thrift on Saturday. I thought originally that it was just half off Christmas stuff that they would put out for the day, but it turned out to be the whole store! I scored a big granny square blanket, two nursery planters, a pirate teapot, a few Christmas records, a huge package of Fire King plates and cups that was crazy cheap before the discount, and a NOS circular knitting needle. 

Sunday evening, we went to our favorite spot before closing. I scored 6 skeins of teal yarn, a 404 Gold Butterfly, a cool Federal Glass tumbler, and a 20% off entire purchase coupon just for being a regular! We decided to hit up a couple of Goodwills before we went home and came home with a hen in nest candy dish, a mug to match the teapot we found, and a Cabbage Patch piggy bank. Earlier in the week we picked up a grab bag with the deer, poodles, and elephants. We also found couple 470 lids for .99 each and a red and a yellow hostess.

In addition to those finds, I also picked up 5 Blendo glasses from the candle holder section at Goodwill, and a bunch of mason jar lids on a string from our favorite place for only 49 cents! I think I'll try making some pumpkins out of the lids.

The fun doesn't end here. We paid a visit to my grandfather's house and left with some treasures. Check back soon!

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