Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Halloween House 2015

I spent all of last week putting up my Halloween decorations. I'm still not completely finished. I have to hang the bats in the hallway and little things like that, but all the things are in place. A lot has changed since last year so it made me a little anxious about putting things where they go since the places they went are gone, but everything has a place!

We went to the thrift store last night and a working record player was waiting for us! I've been wanting a record player for a very long time, but haven't been able to commit to the cost when I've found only mixed reviews. This one saved us a ton of money, worked in the store, and looks as if it was hardly, if ever, used! I put on a Kay Starr album right away and then listed to one side of a Halloween Sounds record. Hammy's table is the only place there is space for it, and I didn't want to sacrifice the decorations there, so it will be a hassle to take everything off when I want to listen to something. Oh well...

Sorry about the dark photos. It's gloomy here today, but still grossly hot and humid. I was getting so used to the beautiful fall-ish weather we've been having and then summer had to come back with a vengeance. I had a lot of fun decorating my aluminum tree with the Halloween Shiny Brites we found at Home Goods. I was looking through my vast collection for something that I could use as a topper, and happened upon the Beistle tissue fan in my stack of die-cuts. I love it!

This is probably my favorite part of my decorations this year. I acquired a bunch of new black cats this past year and it really fills out the display. 

Yankee Candle had their Halloween launch "party" this past weekend. BJ and I were the first people in line at the store and we got there about a half hour before they opened. Only two other people showed up. Other stores around the country had people waiting in line for hours ahead of time! I purchase all the Boneys that I wanted online Saturday morning when they hit the site because I wanted an online exclusive and they didn't give out a dollar off coupon for in-store use before the party, but there were codes for online. We all have to save those dollars where we can! So we went to the store to get a witch hand and the candy dish since the special price on it wasn't live when I bought the Boneys. We got a free scent ball thing for dressing up and a free votive for who knows why. And a coupon for $15 off $45... Thanks, I won't be using that after I already gave you all my money! >_<

There's nothing like holiday decorating to remind you how much Pyrex you really have. I decided not to change out the hutch because I already had to put so much away from other parts of the apartment... So i just went with some window clings on the glass, added in a few fall colored things, and the Occupied Japan pumpkin sugar and creamer. I actually just found the creamer last week and found the sugar months ago, but at the same thrift store! Sorry about the reflection of the French Bulldog Crockpot obscuring the creamer.

The pumpkins above the balcony door are basically the same this year. I'd love to find more of those foam OH Lantern Family pumpkins at a decent price though! I found the small one (5th object from the top left) at a garage sale last summer for 50 cents. More of that please!

I got my Target bat hanging with the honeycomb ball better than I had it last year.

This area is what created a challenge since we got rid of the big entertainment center. Since I needed a little extra space to put things, I finally repainted the shelf I found at Goodwill last fall and hung it up above the TV. Lucky for me, there are little knockers that I was able to hang the Beistles that had always been sticky tacked to the cabinet in the past! I'm so in love with the huge vintage die-cuts I found at that estate sale this past winter. One day I'm going to frame them.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any other place to hang my skeletons other than the spot they usually go, so they're pretty hidden behind the massive lampshade. Maybe I'll bang some new nails where I could see them better. I'm really excited to finally get to display my Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula candles properly. I found a candelabra at the thrift store during the friends and family 50% off sale at the thrift store this spring. I got a two pack of striped battery operated candle sticks at Michael's without knowing what I'd do with them because I forgot about the candelabra. Now I need to go get another pack to fill in the last holder and hopefully score a cool finger ring candle stick holder.

The door shelf houses my Boney Bunch collection, my Lori Mitchell Wizard of Oz colletion, Pop vinyls, and stacks of vintage glass. The bottom is a yellow brick road stack with a harvest corn themed 501 stack, and in the middle, Pyrex bowls and milkglass mugs stacked to look like candy corn. 

I'm going to go try to talk myself into exercising, but might just be influenced to follow Basil's lead.

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