Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day Roundup

First let's get some business out of the way. Free worldwide shipping in my Society6 shop only through that link! Promotion expires September 13, 2015 at midnight Pacific. Offer excludes framed art prints, stretched canvases, wall clocks, and rugs.

Moving on. I live for 50% off sales at the thrift store. Labor day is one of those sale days, and being a rewards member, it's actually two days! We found a lot of stuff for the shop, but nothing really for keeps. I did get some embroidery hoops to use in crafting a bat chandelier for our upcoming Hallowedding party and a couple of sweaters. Annabelle cannot be left alone because she gets into shenanigans like wearing hoops as belts without knowing how to get them off herself (see top photo.) The weekend included a lot of inappropriate elimination and new collars for both the cats. Annabelle a new pheromone collar and one with a bell for Basil to scare away the birds she keeps bringing into the apartment. At 10:30 P.M. last week she proudly announced herself as she walked into the bedroom with a bird in her mouth and presented it to me as a gift. While I appreciate the thought, I didn't appreciate her capturing a bird and letting it loose. It took forever to catch him and she injured his wing. She hates her collar and is driving us nuts with the jingling, but it won't be long until the door is closed for the season.

Back to thrifting. I found the candy pail (sans handle) and the McCoy cat planter at Goodwill. The pail had a price sticker from my favorite thrift store and they were charging a lot more. So tacky, but I couldn't leave him behind. The McCoy was only $2, what a steal! BJ found a set of 4 Waesterbach mugs on the half off sale, but all but one of them was chipped. He also picked up a little Federal Glass handless cup because it's cute.

Last week BJ found a primary set at the thrift store. When he brought it to me I thought the yellow one looked weird. When I turned it over I discovered that it was Glasbake! I had an extra yellow 404 to complete the set and I'm keeping this one. If I can just find another orange bowl, I'll have another candy corn stack. I also picked up a oval Glasbake casserole  because I like the colors on it. I'm not just purely Pyrex.

People in my shop are putting out Halloween stuff and I just can't resist! I tried to practice a little self control and only bought a few things. I'm going to scan them and upload them to Spoonflower to make re-useable versions and frame the paper placemat. 

I also picked up the middle pail. I think that is a really great stack! Blowmold pails and ephemera are mainly what I'm lurking for at the thrifts this Halloween season. If I find a papier mache pail, I'll be ecstatic! 

I got my Yankee Candle order last Thursday! This is me in the boney afterlife.

We finally completed the Munster family and found the new Lego mini figs. I've become really good at feeling out the packs. These were the three I wanted and the only three I got!

I'm very impatiently waiting for Halloween to fully arrive at Target. I am in the Land o' Target and yet it seems that we get things after most everyone else. I will be visiting everyday until I acquire the new Halloween Pyrex. When we took the trip the other night, I was overjoyed to find a Thing votive holder. There was no question that he was coming home with me! I almost went crazy at the Dollar Spot, but I'm trying to hold out because I know great things are coming soon. 

This HUGE spider has made our garden plot her home. I would say that she is a good inch and a half long. I really wish she would have picked the other side of the plot to live because we still have squash bugs killing off every single bloom on our butternut plant. Sadly, we'll only get the one squash this year. There is also an enormous luffa that I can't wait to use! The bees were busy pollinating last night, so I have my fingers crossed that there may be a few more before we have to take everything out.

Now I'm off to work a 3 cart delivery at night... *insert angry emoji here*

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