Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Seward Sale and More Pyrex

The pink mug above caught my eye in a basement photo from an estate sale. I didn't want to wake up early to get in line for it, so I thought I'd just chance it and see if it was there whenever we got there. It was! It is Hazel Atlas for anyone wondering. I picked it and the Fire King polka dot mug up for a dollar each and BJ came down the stairs with Halloween records in hand. We had them, so we passed on the $5 price tags, but did come home with a couple better priced Disney ones. BJ found a few old newspapers with Twins World Series stories for only .50 each! One of them even has a monster picture on front for a story inside and an article about Halloween socks at Sox Appeal at Mall of America. So us!

I LOVE children's books, I had so many as a kid. Some of my very favorites reside on the bookshelf by my bed. One of them is part of the same series as "What's a Ghost to Do?" so I obviously had to get it despite the heavy marking all over. I can't believe I found so many Halloweenish books at one sale. I made sure to look through all of them as not to leave any behind. 

This is my all time favorite Frosty in the history of ever! I know I had this book growing up, but I don't know if my mom still has it or not. I also got another one of my favorites, "Crybaby Calf."

There were a lot of board games at this sale as well. I considered buying Mystery Date, but the box wasn't in very good shape and I have absolutely no room for anything. Despite that, I got the Ouija board because I've only ever found the 80's ones and decided I needed it for my Halloween collection. We actually left this at the sale. I called my mom and was about to excitedly tell her I got  a Ouija board only to realize I didn't bring it home! I was freaking out and so sure that it wouldn't be there. Obviously it was, thankfully!

Our Targets still haven't put out much Halloween other than candy and baking supplies. The new Pyrex flew off the shelves right away. I had to visit four different Targets to get all three designs. The sugar skull design is the hardest to find in these parts. We stopped at a sketchy Target on the way home from the estate sale just to check. At first I was disappointed because there were only two different price tags for the Pyrex with an empty shelf. BJ looked around on the shelf and found the skulls! They decided not to put all the Pyrex together which was an odd choice, but definitely worked out in my favor because I'm sure it tricked a lot of other people into thinking they didn't have it!

Craigslist has been the same old Pyrex listed over and over again for months. FINALLY there was a new listing with interesting stuff! I got 5 pieces of Pyrex for dirt cheap. Two of those are this turquoise 043 and a willow 473. I've never seen this particular piece before and wish it had come with its lid, but I'm excited to have finally found something different that the same ol' same ol'! We hit up some of the thrift stores in the area that we went to pick them up. We came home with a sandalwood 441 and some Halloween serving trays for our party. Then we stopped at our thrift Googie calls work right before closing and found an adorable Hazel Atlas children's mug!

I'm off to start some Halloween projects. I have so many fun things planned so stay tuned!

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