Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Little Pyrex Love

After my cleaning spree the other day, I finished up a quick little project that I'd started the night before. We ran over to Michaels to get more red spray paint because I ran out while painting the Cosco cart. In typical Michaels fashion, there was not a soul to be found on the floor and only one or two cashiers with a mile long line and the spray paint cabinet was actually locked. I decided instead to get all the components to a different project. After getting home, I decided that it was for the best because spray painting inside without opening the windows isn't the greatest idea to be had.

The letters were $1.49 each, the heart was .29, and the wooden Love was $1.25 or so. They had a 30% off your entire regular priced purchase for that night only and I still had money on my gift card from Christmas! The sign was 6.99 and I had BJ use the 40% off coupon in a separate purchase to get that. I had all the paints I needed at home (barely) to bring my vision to life.

First, I had to sand the letters because there were a lot of splinters coming off of them. Then I painted everything and let it all dry overnight. I have no patience when it comes to waiting to finish projects when there is paint drying involved so I chose to go to sleep to get my mind off of it. Of course then I had a long day of cleaning ahead of me. I used E600 glue to attach everything to the sign after marking the place where I wanted them with pencil. I hung this on the soffit in the dining room/kitchen.

In other news, I was asked if there was an email list for updates on any new Pyrex designs on Spoonflower so I created one. You can sign up on the right hand side of the screen on the non-mobile version of this blog or on my Facebook page: P.MaGeebs. I expect to have some new ones coming soon! :) While you're at it, go ahead and follow my blog and my Instagram where I post discounts on my Society6 shop and other equally awesome things.

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