Monday, February 23, 2015

Score Share

It was my birthday this past weekend and I've got some things to share! Above is a picture of my scores from Valentine's weekend. If you can believe it, I actually found the turquoise and red Hazel Atlas tumblers at two different stores. I picked up the friendship stack and the turquoise tumblers at Flamingos Divine Finds. We went to Urban Cottage right after and immediately spotted the red ones. After walking further into the store, we found the turquoise mugs. Instant collection! I've never seen any of these in person before and always love seeing photos of them on Instagram. I'm super stoked to have these in my own personal collection now.

We started that Saturday morning at an estate sale. We got there an hour and 45 minutes early because people have started lining up crazy early lately which is very disappointing. I chose this particular sale specifically for some Red Owl glasses. We decided to get just one. While trying to look at some canisters in the kitchen. The shelf they were setting on was broken and there was absolutely no way the people running the sale didn't know that. The canisters came falling down onto the countertop FILLED WITH GLASS and my coveted Red Owl glass broke. Someone had picked up the two remaining by this point so the whole sale was a bust for me. I'd found a pink crinoline dessert bowl at Urban Cottage that we didn't buy on Friday. Since the estate sales didn't work out for us, we decided to go back and get it. Not only was it still there, but a turquoise cup had been added! (We found a large set of turquoise crinoline plates this weekend, but they were crazy out of our price range.) There was a sale going on at Lady Lucille Mobile Boutique and I had to stop in. I found the best dress ever. Pink + turquoise + cats= perfect! I wanted to wear it on my birthday, but it was -25 with windchill, so that didn't happen at all. BJ gave me a cute little box filled with cat stationary items. Valentine's Day was a success!

My mom came up for my birthday weekend. Originally, we were going to install the new shelving into the antique booth, but there was some kind of convention going on in downtown Hopkins and we didn't want to bother shoppers. For now it is taking up too much space in the apartment and I'm trying to find a way to fit it in here because I'm jealous of my booth for having such a cute display! More on that later. Since we were in Hopkins anyway, we went to the Antique Mall where I found a Butterprint 472 and a Hazel Atlas pink elephant glass. We also bought an ale ad with Lucille Ball circa "My Favorite Husband," but it didn't make it into the bag home, so hopefully it's still there!

 On Saturday, we went to get our hair cut at The Hive in NE Minneapolis. Since we were in the area, we ran over to Crafty Planet which of course tempted me with all the cute fabric. I ended up leaving with a cat themed fabric that also had mushrooms and turquoise vintage inspired mugs. It was made for me! The ladies there were very kind and helped me figure out just how much fabric I needed in order to recover a dressing chair I found at Arc's a while back. So I've got that checked off my to-do list and just need to get to the actual project. They didn't have the X fabric I've used on my other two chairs, but I found something else with the same color palette that kind of looks like Pyrex/Orla Kiely stems. Speaking of, BJ got me the pink stems water bottle I've been wanting, since we couldn't get Pyrex stems. My mom gave me the reverse primary set and some Forest Fancies. Since Pyrex has now moved into the living room, I'm not quite sure where all of this will be going >_< (The incessant howling guy next door make me think moving would be the best idea.) The Reeses Oreos are from my sister, who wasn't able to visit, but obviously knows the way to my heart. 

The best part of the weekend was our visit to Animal Ark thrift store. I've been wanting to go there for the longest time and decided to make the trip for my birthday thrifting adventure. I relieved them of several cat tchotchkes. It was really hard to choose, but since all of the money goes to help animals it was easy to bring home more of them! It is a wonderful little thrift store with great deals. If you're in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, please go support this wonderful organization!

This week I'll being working on getting some projects crossed off my list. For now I think I'll go join this lady in a snuggle session.

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