Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cosco Cart Makeover

Last post I told you about how my mom's boyfriend let BJ and I take home his old dirty Cosco cart. I didn't have a picture of it because it was still in the car. BJ isn't usually one to take initiative to brings things in from the car, which is why it basically looks like a garbage pit... To my surprise he walked in the door with it right as I was finishing my last post without even being asked! As you can see, it was incredibly filthy. I used an entire spray bottle of vinegar cleaning it. I haven't been able to get the rust spots off the legs yet, but did manage to get the first coat of spray paint on it!

After cleaning it off a couple times, I had to get the rust off. There was a lot more than I had expected hidden under the layers of grime. Very surprisingly, a baking soda paste took off quite a bit of it! I really don't understand why people moved away from the miracles of baking soda and vinegar. I swear by it for all sorts of cleaning. I sanded down the rest of the rust spots with medium then fine grit sandpaper. I gave it a good cleaning after that was done and wrapped the legs in paper and painter's tape while any dampness air dried.

I'm in a third floor apartment in Minnesota in the winter, so my only good option to spray paint it right away was in the bathroom. I lined as much of it as I could with a drop cloth plastic sheet, taping it to the walls to cover. I'm really glad that I thought to pull back the shower curtain because the bathtub was pink by the time I ran out of paint. It will all very easy to clean off though and nothing was ruined! The fan in the bathroom didn't ventilate the apartment quite enough so the second coat is going to have to wait until it is warm enough outside to open the windows and door. I had no idea that the temperature dropped below zero again whilst starting this project >_< 

This is what it looks like with only one coat of paint. My dear little Annabelle must have walked on the bottom shelf when it was still wet because she walked into the living room with pink paws. She sure hated me for giving her feet a good scrub and her toe hair is still pink!

Since it will be a while until I can paint it again, I decided to give it a new home and load it up! I'm so happy that I found a place for my beautiful crinoline dishes and can finally display a proper stack! (Pink gooseberry is my first complete cinderella set.) I obviously left the paper and tape on the legs because that took forever and I don't want to do it twice. This project resulted in a lot of cleaning. I had to find a new place for the previous shelf which meant I had to move things around. I decided to put it in the bedroom to hold the excess of movies and books I had on the floor, but that meant moving my fern. I hate ferns. I stand by that. Those things are so messy and will drop leaves even just looking at it! Now I have to clean up the drop cloth and give the tile a good mop and clean the bathroom again after washing out all the dirty rags. While I'm at it, I might as well just clean the whole apartment. When I'm finally done cleaning, I'm going to treat myself with a fun little project that I started last night and make a macaroni and cheez pizza for dinner! Too bad the cats won't do any chores so I can just skip to the good part...

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