Monday, February 9, 2015

Junk Drunk in Southwest Minnesota

BJ and I went down to my mom's house this past weekend to work on the new shelving for our antique booth. I'm terrible at thinking of taking a before shot, so here's an in progress. I also painted a copper toned "sink" planter which I didn't take a picture of... :/ I spray painted the "fixtures" silver and the basin a light turquoise color so it would look like a fun colored mid century sink. My mom's boyfriend is a carpenter and is generously doing the building. I painted this entire door in the time it took BJ to paint a quarter of a shelf so he clearly is not enthusiastic about doing handy/crafty projects.

Just to give you a little picture of what will be happening here, I'm going to have a shelf above the door which has a rod that I'll use to hang curtains. I'm making them out of my Pyrex designed fabric of course! There will also be a shelf under the door to look like a window sill. I found both shelves at two different Goodwill stores without knowing the measurements of the door/window and they fit perfectly! I'm really happy with it so far and can't wait to see the finished results in a couple of weeks when my mom brings it up!

You know I don't go anywhere without a thrift trip planned. Full disclosure, BJ and I were going to try to hit an estate sale before leaving on Saturday morning. We got there about and hour and fifteen minutes early thinking we'd have a really good place in line, even went ready to be the first people to hand out pre-numbers. Holy bejeezus were we wrong! We got numbers 28 and 29. I was going there for a $5 jadeite pitcher and possibly a primary set to resell if it were a good price. I just didn't think it would be worth getting down to Redwood later and possibly leave empty handed anyway. We decided to skip it. I think it paid off because we did our usual junking route. I always forget how far away Lake Benton is from Redwood and it feels longer when you've already been driving for 2 hours. Bleh. It was so so worth it! I went there with the express purpose of getting the pink crinoline dishes I passed on this past summer. We went down last time we visited before Christmas, but they weren't open when they were supposed to be. How these amazing dishes could still be there is beyond me, but we got a good deal on them and I don't regret getting them because my honey hole dried up.

I found a few things in the half off room in the basement including an old Thermos I'm thinking of turning into a lamp and a vintage coffee can with a little league baseball theme for BJ. The only good full priced things I found were the turquoise atomic burst glass and a red bakelite handled cake breaker. My mom had gone to the shop next door and I asked her if there was anything good and she told me no. Oh. My. God. She was very wrong! I found a set of 4 Federal Glass pink atomic burst glasses, another Frost Garland 023 Pyrex promotional (no lid), and a Pyrex baby bottle! 

On the way home, we decided to stop at the two antique stores in Gibbon. I found a really cute vintage hat at the first one. At the farm fresh giant junk shop I picked up this cute turquoise Glasbake honey spread crock. He gave us a deal on everything which made it free! We also picked up a big BBQ tray for keeps, a gold atomic burst lid that I believe goes to a Fire King Dish, but have no idea which, a tea bag plate, and a green vintage kitchen scale that still works!

While picking through my mom's boyfriend's place for wood for the shelf project, I spotted an old Cosco cart that has an electrical strip on it. I was just looking at these on Craigslist and knew it would be a long time before I could afford the crazy prices on them. He gave it to us! Normally I really like to keep old things as is, but this cart is an avocado green that really doesn't go with my kitchen, so I'll be picking up a can of red spray paint for it soon.

This is my updated hutch after adding the pink crinoline and new Glasbake crock. I'm armed with sandpaper and am getting ready to start refinishing some wood. Check back soon!

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