Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sunday Funday

The thrift stores have been really boring here lately. It has also been miserably hot and humid. Going into air conditioned stores is a nice break from my third floor apartment that only has an ancient wall unit a/c that would cost a newborn Ragdoll to run all summer. So I almost die of heat stroke everyday, but have a nice reprieve during our daily thrift shop hop. The car doesn't have air either, so really just while we're in the stores... On Sunday the thrift gods were with us!

BJ walked right past the terra 401 and 404 Pyrex, but luckily I got to them before anyone else. They also had a 443 butterprint that was dishwashered almost past recognition for 3.99. It was almost a fauxpal. They are crazy. BJ made up for missing the Pyrex because he found me my very first faceted Bakelite bangle! It was only 50 cents! I also got a tiny pin with two owls sitting on a branch and an enamel flower brooch.

The main store that we go to wasn't great, as usual lately, but we did leave with a few things. I found an Enesco Japan Christmas teaup and saucer and paid more than I wanted to because it's "vintage," but had to have it anyway. I picked up a plastic turquoise garden basket/strainer that I'm excited to use. I also found the butterprint rooster on a felt calendar from 1970 and it was half off. As a bonus, the dates fall on the same days of the week this year, so I can actually use it! One of my Instagram friends pointed out to me that the design around the rooster also matches the rare red fleur-de-lis Pyrex so this is real OG Pyrex Love way before it become trendy!

In addition to those fun finds, I also bought a small vintage Philco radio that had all the electronics removed. It looks like it used to have a teeny tiny tv in it. I'm going to store it at my mom's until we get a house, but I can't wait to use the little window to set up miniature seasonal displays!

Speaking of seasonal, is it fall yet?! Come back soon and I'll have a mini post about a store's Halloween display! 93 days to go!!!

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