Friday, July 31, 2015

Things I Didn't Buy

My main thrift store has decided that it is really an antique store. It makes me so mad! Here are couple of things that I recently didn't buy.

These awesome vintage salon hair dryers are marked $74.49 each! They apparently work, but I'm positive that someone looked at the sold listings on eBay (because there aren't any currently listed, I looked. I'm sure most of the time they just look at current listings to get the highest prices!) and picked a price near the highest sold. Most of them sold for much less and this is a place where resellers get their goods. I think the Internet should be banned from thrift store pricing areas.

The Internet strikes again! This adorable cookie jar was marked $34.49 which was much more than most of the ones like it that sold on eBay. The average sold price is around $19 and many of them sold for less than that. I would have loved to bring him home, but not at antique store prices! If he's still there during that color tag's half off week, I don't know that I'll even buy it then... Thrift stores are supposed to be a place to get deals, a place for low income people to shop comfortably. Not here!

I think this may become a series. What do you think?

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