Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bakelite Heaven?

BJ and I had a really great day on Saturday. We started out at an estate sale with a ton of vintage Christmas ornaments and then decided to stop by an occasional sale. We were going to go to both of the ones we usually visit, but had such an epic haul we decided to end it at the first stop. BAKELITE!!! The Hazel Atlas set was the last thing we found there and it was the icing on our vintage cake, but lets get to the good stuff.

The orange one is what caught my eye. It was on a normal bangle holder with a few other not as interesting bracelets. I was hoping so hard that it was Bakelite! Then I turned to my left and there was this enormous annoying display of bangles. SO many of them looked like Bakelite I couldn't believe my eyes! Of course I set to work taking off every single one that I thought had potential. There ended up being 15 in all. The only one that was above $5  was the first one I spotted, everything else was $5 or under!!! These two above are my absolute favorites. I can't fully capture their beauty in a photo, they are so much better in person!

I was super stoked to find a matched set on separate sides of the display! They are gorgeous. The yellow ones aren't fancy, but the rich egg yolk and buttery yellow colors are to die for. I'm back and forth on the root beer one.

These were a package deal. The top ones look red in the picture, but are really a dark reddish orange. They aren't even an exact match set, but close enough to fool the eye. The ones on the bottom I'm kind of indifferent to.

The one in the front has a jade shade on the inside. I think I'm going to get that one restored and possibly the one on the left. That one has a weird patina like a yellow one I found at the thrift store where there is a stripe of a lighter shade down the center of the outside. The dark green one is perfect as is. After this haul, I definitely need to get on making a new display so they aren't falling all over the floor!

We got lucky at the antique mall the weekend before. I found a complete set of Halloween cookie cutters in the box. We paid less for this complete set than one we found (but didn't buy) earlier this spring at an estate sale which was missing two cutters. I've been wanting this for my Halloween collection so, WOO HOO! The Rosbro candy container has seen better days, but it was cheap enough that I can forgive it's pre-loved condition.

We also had a week of hitting the jackpot multiple times at our main thrift store. I found a framed copy of a vintage treat bag, a bag of chenille chain garland, and 3 vintage honey comb ghosts still in their packages!

BJ found me toy Pyrex! These came in a bag of toy Corning all with their lids, so I'm wondering why the Pyrex couldn't have been complete, but I'll take what I can get! The kelly green 024 was priced by the crackhead who thinks everything vintage is gold. I really don't like that person... We got it anyway because we had a coupon and found a bunch of other stuff to make it worthwhile. I picked up a bunch of vintage dresses. Most of them I think I'll list on Etsy once all the party prep is over and I have time. 

Our Hallowedding party and our booth upgrade is just a few weeks away, I can't believe it! I have one more big thing to make for the party and I need to try to make my petticoat.

I spent the entire day Monday making new Spoonflower designs which should be available for purchase in about 2 weeks. You can see the new designs here.

I think that gets us all caught up on the various things I've been doing. I hope to have something new to share soon!

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