Monday, October 26, 2015

Obsessive Christmas Disorder

First off, I am officially and totally done with all projects Hallowedding. The petticoat proved to be much harder and time consuming than I had anticipated. I ended up just sewing a layer onto a petticoat I found at Arc's when the Bootique opened. It took me more than three and a half hours to sew the 45 yards onto the bottom. (That isn't even counting the week previous I spent finishing that length with ribbon!) Unfortunately, I greatly under estimated how much I needed to sew all the way around the bottom and it would have cost me about two new petticoats from Tatyana to complete this project if I were to go buy more ribbon. I needed to re-elastic the old petticoat anyway, so before I did that I just lopped off the section that I didn't have enough finished tulle for and sewed it back together. It isn't as fluffy as it would have been, obviously, and it's a little tight in the hips if I wear it down too low, but it's done!!! All that's left is to prepare food tomorrow and I'm even considering cheating and just buying pizza dough from Trader Joe's. I have entirely checked out of Halloweentown and am now residing in Christmastown.

We made our usual thrift stop and they were setting up Thriftmas!!! I'm positive that I was hovering and annoying the volunteers, but I needed to be the first to see the treasures! My thrift nemesis was there, as usual, and she and her friend said, "there doesn't seem to be any old stuff. They probably just put it on eBay..." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! No, I just put it all in my cart, Betches! There wasn't much, but there wasn't much put out in general. I picked up a ceramic tree that miraculously isn't missing any bulbs. The musical angel is made in Japan, has the most precious eyelashes, and still works! I picked up 5 Corelle plates to match the mugs we have. I'm not sure how old the Santa picks actually are, but for 99 cents each I wasn't about to leave them behind. They're my favorite! The mug isn't old, but too cute not to bring home. I hope that they have more vintage stuff once they get it all set up. BJ and I are leaving very early the morning after our wedding to be in line for the grand opening of the Thriftmas shop.

I was trending on Spoonflower with my new design for a few days. I bought this design in minky. Let me tell you that it is truly like a warm fuzzy hug from the ghost of Christmas Past. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear. The second best way to buy this.

If you can't sew, they now have blankets on Society6!!! I think I'm going to get one of these if we get a decent amount of money from the wedding because I need more than a lap blanket to keep me warm. 

I wish they weren't so expensive. There aren't any promotions going on right now, so I'm definitely waiting until there is one.

I think I need it in a phone case, too. There are also new ceramic double walled travel mugs. I made this design into leggings and all over print shirts as well. This design is my favorite! I just can't get enough of it.

The 2016 tea towel contest is now open for voting! I made a Pyrex themed one again.

I'm off to do a whole lot of nothing with my best furry friends! Please cross your fingers it doesn't snow on Saturday...

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