Thursday, October 22, 2015

To the Moon and Back

I am officially down to just one thing on my to-make list for the Hallowedding!!! I spent last Friday working on this giant moon for the photo booth. It is made out of a huge sheet of polystyrene board from Menards. We had to have BJ's aunts come pick it up from the store for us because it didn't fit in the car. I'm probably going to have to cut off the pointy parts to get it to fit in a vehicle to take down to my mom's house. Basil has had quite the time scratching it to shreds so that can't come soon enough...

This is approximately 5.5 feet tall and wide and there isn't a lot of space in my apartment so this is the best picture I can get of it, but I'm sure I'll get a better shot of it once it is set up at the location. I really had no idea of how large it would end up when I was just throwing it around as an idea, so the fabric I bought to use as a back drop is not large enough... I may have to go get more and sew it together.

This is how it looked at the first go around. I hated it and was so frustrated. I thought I was going to have to completely start over. I decided that I would try to make it look better with what I had and if it was unfixable, at least I'd have some kind of pattern to go off of with a new sheet.

I used the reverse side to figure out a new design and cut it down from there. The permanent marker was nearly impossible to cover! I had to use four or five coats of gesso and three layers of orange. It was a really messy project that my cats made messier. Please send us a house with a garage so I don't have to live in a constant disaster area!

I made this little chalkboard sign out of extra foam board from the framed half pumpkin project. BJ always says it to me so I thought it would be a perfect prop.

When we went to visit the shop last weekend we didn't leave empty handed. All the Halloween ephemera and the plastic cat parts were 25% off and the paper pieces were marked only $1 each! There were more pumpkins, but I thought I should show a little self restraint. The blow mold pail is huge. I'm going to use it to hold cards at the party. Bonus, it is one I don't have! Some of the vendors started putting Christmas up. I only got two things. So. Hard. BJ really liked the Mr. and Mrs. Claus and the embroidered towel was too beautiful to leave behind! The ornaments are hanging from tinsel that has been sewn on and there are little rhinestones on the pine branch. I'm getting Christmas fever and Halloween isn't even over yet!

I'm really hoping to finish my petticoat today. Everything is cut out and I have the ribbon pinned to edge of the bottom ruffles. Let's just hope that my sewing machine doesn't decided to be the piece of crap is usually is! Once that is done, I'm going to make an Audrey II using a fake potted plant I found at the thrift store.

T minus 9 days and counting!

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