Saturday, May 28, 2016

Belated Swap Meet Share

The prices on all the Pyrex were not great, but don't judge me. Sometimes you just have to buy things when you see them. I felt the space saver was worth the cost for the lid alone, considering lids go for higher than the dishes on evil bay! I bought a bunch of things from this dealer, so she gave me a better deal than sticker price. There were so many more things I wanted to buy, but I blew a wad of cash on this stuff and had to hold back.

I was able to complete my Friendship fridgie set with one final orange 501. There were two little red ramekins, but I opted for only one because it was pricey. It's so cute and tiny! 

I over paid on the jadeite canister. I'm really annoyed with myself for getting emotionally invested in it, and I think I'd be lucky to get my money back if I chose to sell it, but whatever. Can't hit it out of the park every time, right? The McCoy planters next to it are from the thrift store with thrift store prices! I found a cute little plastic cactus at another thrift store. I can't grow real ones for some reason. 

There was very little that I got for the shop from the swap meet. The only other thing I found for myself was a deer planter. I'll have to take an updated deer table picture. It's ridiculous how quickly these animals reproduce! I'll end the post with an honorable mention. We got to an estate sale really early and were 2 and 3 in line. The first person didn't look like Pyrex competition so we stayed. I was so disappointed that he went right for what I had come for. He was really nice and let me go home with the shiny snowflake open baker. Most people at these sales are total dicks, so it was very refreshing. He accused me of being an eBayer and I told him NO! I'm a collector! I'm not sure about where you're from, but the eBay sellers here are cutthroat assholes.  When we got home from the sale, we learned that Prince died. Then I called my mom and she told me that her adoptive father died. Everyone seems to be buying the farm lately. It's all very sad, but as is life. At least we can find little pockets of kindness buried under all the crap. The citywide purple love, dance parties, news takeover, and outpouring of love was so wonderfully overwhelming. The kind man at the sale and the way people were able to pull together it a time of sadness gives me hope for humanity. 

So much love <3

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