Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day and the New Summer Display

Today I was able to wake up naturally and not have anything in particular to do. So I got a lot of snuggling in with my little Gooseberry. BJ and I started C25K after breakfast. I really want to love running, but I'm not there yet. My body is doing this really awesome thing where it converts all exercise into weight gain. I exercise as my job and have a 6 mile round trip, uphill both ways-not even exaggerating!- against the wind both ways because the wind ALWAYS changes direction by the end of my shift bike ride. Yet I have gained back the 2 pounds I lost this spring and maintained my doughy body that I accumulated during last season's work/exercise/bike routine. UGH! I'm so frustrated and it makes me crave donuts which will probably just turn me into a WALL-E type person. I'm going to try something new with the running and hope I can get back to where I was at the beginning of last season. 

After our first go at running, we went to visit our booth. Before we left I had told BJ that I wanted a Pyrex fix. Ask and you shall receive (except for not being fat I guess...) I found a Brittany blue Pyrex dish right when I walked in the store! I also found this exceptionally cute pink and black metal shelf for my someday house. One of the dealers who was working was quite jealous that he hadn't seen it first, so I'm glad I spotted it! The Pyrex was perfect for my summer display that I was planning on putting together. I've been meaning to switch it over from spring, but today was the first chance I had. I'm not sure what I'll do with all my pink Pyrex that got the axe from the display, but that will be left for another day.

Normally I don't like changing my displays because change gives me major anxiety. Even something as small and meaningless as this can tighten my chest and make me feel like I'm raging. I've been handling it better since changing over from Christmas. I was so done with Christmas by the time I managed to get that done that it was a welcomed change! This new display feels refreshing and fun. I really like that I was able to pull together new, old, thrifted, etc. The bug sprayer is pretty clean and I just couldn't resist the shiny graphics when I saw it at Goodwill. This is probably another bad vegan moment, but whatever. It's ghost spray now. The lips, little red headed girl, and Washington DC souvenir tumbler are all recent thrift scores. 

I picked up a Giant Barrel of Monkeys at the thrift store and didn't get a chance to open it to see if it was complete. It turns out that there were no monkeys, giant or otherwise. It was full of vintage cowboys and indians toys with a few random spacemen, a single Roman, and a single Viking. Some of them were really detailed and quite graphic. There was a Native who had a severed head and a cowboy with an arrow impaling his chest. I decided to keep three spacemen and the two little Revolutionary War figurines for this specific display.

I found this Yankee Doodle 45 (not what's inside the sleeve...) on some sale in the fall and have been waiting to display it! I found a picture of my most recently deceased grandfather  (I have 3 sets of grandparents. One grandpa is still alive. It's complicated.) this winter while cleaning out the jewelry box that had belonged to my grandmother. The picture in the floral frog is him in uniform. The illustration is his American Legion card that was also lost and found in the jewelry box.

This is the bottom shelf. I have so much Pyrex that I had to leave some of it on there, so I just left the stuff way in the back. I've been looking forward to making rainbows for this display. I still need a green and a blue 501 to complete my rainbow. I filled my diamonds carafe with a yellow hankie to look like lemonade. I was able to hang my new-to-me bowler's towel in the back.

I found the "bomb" this past Thrifty Thursday. When I saw it, I thought it was really silly and I knew I needed it for this display. Bombs bursting in air and all that. It's a dried gourd painted black with this stem as the fuse. Seventy-five cents well spent, I'd say!

I got a fortune from a fortune cookie a long while back that says, "May the rainbow always touch your shoulder." I had it in my spring display, too, but it is most fitting with this rainbow stack of 024s . Sorry about the dark pictures. I just know that I'm not going to have time to do this post until who knows when, so I'm getting it done in my last free moments before bed before my 6 day week starts again...

This is the top shelf. I haven't figured out a good way to light this one yet, so flash it is. Bleh. I created the red white and blue bouquet from Michaels. It's all 50% right now. I love the sparkler looking bits! The Ball jar it is in also has red white and blue lights from the dollar spot at Target.

Penny hasn't gotten to show off her new dress that I got her from an estate sale yet! It fittingly is red white and blue and is so cute! I made her a little wand of mercury glass beads that I got in a junk craft box for $1 from a garage sale during citywide. 

I found this little blue and white flower in a grab bag of Christmas ornaments at the thrift store. Sadness doesn't look so sure, but I think it looks great in my display!

I'm going to go catch up on this week's episode of Little Women: NY. I'm guessing that work is going to be crazy busy tomorrow and I don't know that I'm prepared, but Memorial means the official end of crazy flower season and the rest of the week will be a transition into mellow summer!

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