Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Citywide Junking

I thought citywide was good last year, but it was nothing compared to this year! So. Much. Good. Junk. I'm quite amazed that I've already got it all processed and ALL OF IT into the booth! I'm not sure how I made it work, but I did. If the cart sells, it may be a different story. The picture above is most of day one's haul.

We found the MCM cork lamp at a garage sale we look forward to every year. They always have a wide assortment of junk and this year had a bunch of stuff in the way of vintage. One of the ladies told us that someone had tried to offer $5 for the lamp when the sale first opened. They only had $8 on it and I thought that was an amazing deal! 

It was the year of the suitcase because over the course of 2 days, I found 3 at sales and then another at the thrift! I debated over keeping all of them and making a table of them stacked that can hold things inside each of them, but I think I need to wait until my someday house becomes a reality to start making any furniture. I kept a red Samsonite and a small blue one for myself. The one above has a very lovely lavender interior and it was very well cared for.

Our first two stops were estate sales, but they weren't advertised in the regular venues and were family run. Most everything was very reasonably priced. We picked up a Cosco cart, a few mugs, some Disney pennants and some dirty vintage gag gifts. I'd love to share my favorite find from this sale, but I fear for those who are easily offended or at work. 

This is one of my keeper items from the second estate sale. It has a knob to turn "on" and it lifts the shakers to that they can be pulled out.

Sorry this picture is a little blurry. We went to a sale next door to one I had planned on just because it was close. At a glance, we didn't think it would be our kind of crap, but boy were we wrong! Pottery galore! We picked up a McCoy urn planter, a TV lamp, and a McCoy pebble planter that matches a smaller one I found at the thrift store last month or so. We also scored a couple of turquoise tumblers that are for keeps which I'll show you in a bit.

I found a few crewels, pumpkin pails, a cake carrier with bakelite handle, hat box from Minneapolis, and a cool starburst garbage can. BJ found a squeaky dog that still squeaks and blinks! I'm undecided because I don't need to start collecting squeaky toys and if I keep it, I'll have 3 which is an official collection... BJ is already annoyed with my blow mold addiction. But these can be ornaments for my candy corn tree in my someday house!

Here are some of my favorite finds that will be for me. The cactus fabric is a skirt! It has ties on each side and it really full. The cuckoo clock doesn't seem to work, but it is a bigger version of one that my grandpa gave me and has deer and mushrooms, so I'm sold. Vintage Christmas was not great, but I did find Holt Howard candle holders for just $1! Score! I picked up a bunch of hankies that I don't think I can part with, two embroidered pillow fronts, and a pretty blue and green floral piece of fabric. The Mr and Mrs Claus shakers were pricier than I'd normally pay at a garage sale, but I could't leave them behind!

Day two of sales wasn't as plentiful, but had better junk. It was mostly a day for keepers what with pricing, but day one was a solid booth filler, so it evens out. I finally found a reasonably priced quilt and it is pink! There are several condition issues, but I'm hoping I'll be able to connect with someone who could fix it up. The first sale we hit on day two was a charity sale for Pet Haven. We felt overjoyed to find so much great stuff there and give a little extra to help the babies. That is where the crinoline, butterprint 501 (with mint lid!), ice cube tray, Federal bowl, two suitcases, and a bunch of other junk came from. It was a really great start to the day! After we had hit all the citywide sales, we went to one I found on craigslist. It was listed as a vintage sale and I knew the prices would probably be higher than usual. I picked this sale for the amazing tablecloths pictured on the ad, but didn't get any because they were expensive. The quilt on the other hand, I felt okay parting with $30! Also from there were the anthropomorphic and jadeite shakers, clown metal game and noise maker, a single panel barkcloth curtain, a pair of circus curtains, and a bowler's weeping towel.

I know it probably makes me a bad vegan, but I just love vintage circus imagery! I recently found a really cute framed picture that I'll have to share once I unearth it from my cart of curiosities. That elephant and lion! I need my someday house soon so that I can display all my vintage circus stuff together. I have a trunk I got free a couple years ago down at my mom's. It's all piling up! I recently heard that clowns originally had the big lips painted on to mimic black face because black people were considered buffoons. It hurts me so much that it's all so offensive, but I can't help myself. I certainly don't love the images for any of the hateful and cruel things they represent, it's just the whimsy that makes my heart melt. I actually hate the circus and clowns, and always have. I know it's weird and makes no sense. >_<

This towel is so silly. It says Minneapolis on it, too, which obviously endears me. If I can make it work, maybe this will go into my red white and blue display. Coming soon!

The last sale that we went to was also listed as a vintage sale. On the way there we heard a commercial for someplace that gets it's beef from a "boutique ranch." WTF is a boutique  ranch?! Is it a place where fancy cows go to fancy die? I call BS. There is no such thing has a humane slaughterhouse and growing cows for food isn't fancy. So I was going off about this stupid commercial and the use of the word boutique in general. I find it so annoying that life is so highly curated now. Boutique this, that and everything. And what do you know, we were going to a garage sale that called itself a boutique sale! I HATE THAT! I was worried that prices would be outrageous, but they weren't terrible. We picked up a couple Fenton pieces, a cute cow creamer, a votive holder that looks like jadeite, but I don't think it is because it is really thin and clear-ish on the bottom, and the pink elephant from a few pictures up. I fawned over this at the Gathering of Friends at Bachman's this spring, but it was $45. I got this one for $3! And I'm not sharing it, it's mine. 

I promised that I would take pictures of my finds from the swap meet, I did! Stay tuned!

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