Friday, August 15, 2014

A Small Turquoise Score

What with this being Road Construction Season here in the great state of Minnesota, I didn't actually end up making it to Lake Benton during my trip. My sister decided to kindly take us to Marshall because I told her that I wanted to get some thrifting in beforehand. She wanted to swing through Lamberton on the way there to check out the thrift/antique store she remembered going to years back. Lucky for us there were two side by side and both were having 10% off everything sales!

At the first store I found an early yellow 503 with lid. I already have one that I scored at Arc's for about half the price, but it is a later make. I just love primaries, so what the heck! It was at steal at $5 and change after the discount. Then we headed next door to the place she remembered. It had three floors and there were 50% already clearanced deals in the basement. I found a few white cats, but I passed on them if you can believe it. I only wanted one, but didn't want to break them up. (I found the white cat in the picture at Arc's when I got back. I sadly passed on a Pyrex double boiler and I just don't know what I was thinking. I'm really kicking myself on that one.)

The first thing I saw when I walked through the front door was the turquoise 401 and was disappointed when I noticed it was pretty scuffed up. I'm sure I can look at some Pyrex cleaning pages and try to clean it up a little. It was $9 after the discount, so it wasn't a horrible deal considering the crazy prices on eBay these days and I don't have to pay for shipping. The real deal of the day was the turquoise 023 for $6.30. It's really shiny and only has a little chip in one of the handles. They actually had several red 501's, most with lids, but they were a little spendy, so I passed. I wish I could be the person who finds these cheaply before they hit the resale market. So lucky.

There was no time to make it to the store I wanted to go to because there were more detours along the way. Now I've scheduled another trip in September during the citywide garage sale. I made a good amount of money at the sale we held this past weekend. I've already started clearing out a little more to add onto the next one.

Also coming up in September is No Coast Craft-o-Rama Takes a Field Trip in St. Anthony, MN. I'm going to have my Ouija board placemats for sale as well as the rest of my Halloween stuff. I hate to say good bye to summer because it's so brief here, but I just love Autumn and Halloween so much! Do you think BJ would notice if I started unpacking the decorations at the end of August this year?

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