Wednesday, August 6, 2014


There is a new ground meat alternative out on the market. I thought I'd never see it in a store because it seems that all the things I really want to try never come to my market. I saw this at the Wedge while I was walking through an aisle not even looking for it. I decided to make some bacon cheeseburger juicy lucys. I may be from Minnesota, but I went veg before I'd ever even heard of Matt's Bar or 5-8 Club, so I've never had a meat one. 

The preparation for Neat was extremely sticky. Here's a little Pyrex-in-action. I made these over at BJ's parents house while we were house-sitting. It just requires what's in the package plus two egg-substitutes- I used flax egg, and two tablespoons of water. Easy.

Since I was making a stuffed burger, I had to use two patties per burger. They ended up being slider sized, but fit perfectly on half of a large bun.

We brought our skillet over because I thought these would taste best cooked on cast-iron. Way too sticky to be grilled like BJ wanted.

Add a couple of slices of Daiya cheddar and Lightlife bacon,

some grilled corn, and homemade potato wedges, and call it a meal! Overall, I thought the burgers were really tasty and I didn't get a gross after-feeling or heaviness that I get from most faux meats. The only downside is the packing since I'm trying to go as zero-waste as I can.

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