Monday, August 25, 2014

Kind of Blah

This weekend's sales were a little disappointing. There is someone who snatches up all the things I go to the sales to buy! I follow the search word 'Halloween' on an estate sales finder website and it usually doesn't bring up many sales, so when I found one that was loaded with vintage Beistle, I obviously planned it into my weekend! Unfortunately I couldn't go opening day, but Saturday was half priced day and I got there at 9 am on the dot. Too bad someone walked in a second before me and took ALL the things I really pined after. I'm talking the black articulated cat which is always priced too high for me when I see it. This sale was heavy handed with the prices which is why I think there was still so much left. I did manage to find a few things such as the lime green Pyrex cake pan and 024 with lid. It is currently holding a vegan summer salad made with Just Mayo. Apparently this is now sold at Dollar Tree stores!

I don't know why I didn't think to find other sales in the area. I just had my heart set on this one sale and that was it, but BJ wanted to find others. There was one not too far away that I wish I would have known about earlier in the day. It had a black gooseberry, a promotional with it's stand, and a bunch of other Pyrex. All that was left when we visited was this lonely little redish fridgie. It was only fifty cents! Granted there is quite a bit of wear but, what a deal. I'm just beating myself up over what the rest of them were marked.

There was an estate sale put on without an agency in a beautiful two-story in Tangletown. I found a box of old Christmas ornaments, mostly Shiny Brite. I also picked up a totally atomic old jar of "hair dressing" made in Minneapolis, another jar with a pedestal of the same product made in Memphis, and an old prescription bottle for eye drops- all empty of course. I think it is so fun that this lady kept these containers. I just love the history! The RX is from Feit Drugs St. Paul, MN prescribed to Mrs. Chott by Dr. Rick on September 4, 1947. The rubber on the dropper is still useable. 

I found the deer sugar and creamer set at Arc's on Thrifty Thursday and then the weird Pyrex mold pan on Saturday. It was in the animal section, presumably because someone thought it was a slow feeder. That's what I thought when I first saw it and picked it up thinking of my greedy-eater, Annabelle. Then I saw that it was marked Pyrex and knew that probably wasn't its intended purpose. I haven't found much about it. I've seen it called a bundt pan or a gelatin mold and several people suggest that they make meatloaf in the microwave in it. I actually planned on making meatless loaf this week, maybe I'll try it!

I was able to get a few Beistle cutouts at the first estate sale. I found a smaller articulated cat, a glow in the dark ghost, and a cat on a skull. They probably aren't as old as the ones the guy before me was hoarding, but I'm happy with my purchase. There was a lady who bought up the rest of the good stuff from an online bid which I didn't even know was possible. I searched their website and am still baffled as to how this happened. How is it fair to have items on the sales floor and online? There is no possible way to know who gets it first. I wasn't pleased with the way that particular company handled itself as a whole. They were very clingy and made me feel like I was trying to steal things because I was picking things up to think about and not running to have it put on my slip right away. On top of that, they had all that paper stuff outside in the insane humidity getting gross and flimsy. Anyway...

My garden went from awesome to dead. First, someone has been stealing our tomatoes which happen to be the only thing going for us. The sunflowers just keep growing and not making flowers, my peas got a white film of mold and died, my butternut squash got yellow and died, my green beans stopped making beans, and everything else is growing at a snail's pace. I think it might be the weird weather we've had this year because my petunias are not looking so hot on my balcony either. At least it will all be over soon and I can focus all my efforts and not killing mums!

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