Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween House + Tomato Cage Ghost How-To

If you haven't already guessed, Halloween is my favorite and my best. I started decorating on September 2. I even had a few Halloween scores on Labor Day at Arc's! I always like seeing other people's decorations, so here's a look into my apartment and some of my hauls this year!

My first find of the year was this guy. I added the Shrek ears because they didn't really fit anyone else. I don't really know anything about him. There's a hole in the bottom and back like something that lights up, but it's made out of rubber.

I found all of the pails above this year. The first one was at Arc's Richfield, the other two were at a Goodwill in a St Paul suburb. Goodwill is way overpriced on everything and they were charging  $1+ for their pails which is retail! These are pretty old looking so it was worth it I guess, but for the newer ones? You can buy a brand new pail for the same price at Target and it doesn't have someone else's name scribbled on the bottom!

Both items pictured are Arc's finds. The pumpkin witch I found a couple of years ago, but the spider stand is from this year. She is even more delightfully creepy now.

Although I am obsessed with cats, I don't have a lot of cat themed Halloween decor. I had a good cat day this past Saturday. I found a couple cute paper lanterns. The vintage inspired 3D one was actually is someone else's cart and I hoped to myself that she would decide against it and I'd find it on a shelf, and that is just what happened! The pumpkin guy I actually passed on and decided I regretted it. He was still there the next day, so he came home with me. 

This isn't Halloween, obviously. As I crossed the Arc's parking lot, I said that I wanted to find a nice big Pyrex mixing bowl to make up for the bowl that shattered this summer. They switched things around again so there are a couple of different places that one can find Pyrex. This one was setting on a top shelf all alone wearing one of my favorite colors. 

When we stopped at the candy store on the way home from Redwood last time, I found a Wizard of Oz cherry cola. It wasn't my favorite, but the bottle is fun!

Since I'm finally done slaving away at my sewing machine for a show, I finally get to use it for pleasure! I bought a yard of fabric from Heidi Kenney on Spoonflower that she made for pillows. I picked up some fabric at the Salvation Army during our Thrifcation this summer which was just enough for the backs. I ran out of polyfil, so I could only get the cat stuffed for now. You can see the devil behind the bat pillow and the owl is on the couch. During No Coast Takes a Field Trip, I bought a yard of chevron to make a couple of envelope pillow cases.

I made the little pillows out of felt last year because Annabelle [the giant white creature pictured on the chair] claimed the couch as her own and I wanted pillows for her to get hairy that needn't be shared with anyone. She's over it.

These witches are some of my favorite decorations. I found the one on the right at a vintage occasional sale. It's Beistle. I also picked up the Beistle ghosts hanging on the wall a couple of pictures up this year at Arc's.

Here's a look around the rest of the apartment.

This ghost is another DIY. All you need is a tomato cage, white and/or sheer fabric (I used a curtain and a tablecloth from the thrift store) and a Halloween pail. My pail is a glow in the dark one from the thrift store. Assemble the pail on top of the pointed ends of the tomato cage and drape the cloth over and pin into place. Mine doubles as a cat bed if you ask them.

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