Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

I can't believe that it's already Halloween! Babie would be 13 years old today. Time flies. Since it's about that time to start packing up all the seasonal stuff to make way for the next, I thought I'd give a last update on my last minute Halloween scores. I rearranged the apartment for my Halloween party, I might keep it like this for a while. Hammy got a new table to live on that fits Annabelle's giant tote litter box. I made this sticker for it just to send the message home...

The last occasional sale (the next one is next weekend already!) I found some pretty awesome cardboard things. 

The owl is embossed! I also picked up some repro Beistle and this guy below. He's got two faces. There were other blow lamps that I saw that were older and I liked more, but BJ liked this guy and I like when he finds things while thrifting because that means he's more likely to keep taking me!

I found a pirate jack pail sans handle. I don't think the twine is original to the piece, but who knows. I also snagged this big, deep orange lantern which worked! Both are from Arc's. Did anyone else notice that Halloween selections kind of sucked this year at all the stores? I'm glad I found these!

Since we found the table for Hammy to sit on, it opened up a spot in the living room where Annabelle's tote was setting. I hate decorating with litter boxes. Besides my ultra noisy neighbors whom I wouldn't mind falling off the face of the planet, that's on my list of reasons to move. And the silverfish infestation, and the lack of consistent water pressure and/or temperature, and the lack of heat regardless of being on the third floor, but mostly I hate my neighbors. That's another story for another day, though. Anyway, on the same shopping trip, we found this ugly little table that I planned to make cute. I see them at the occasional sales for big bucks, so when I found one for $4, I knew it was meant to be!

My dear friend, Miira, came to our Monster Mash bearing gifts from Finland. 

I framed the Little My post card and am still deciding if the plate will be used or hung. I need to do some serious cleaning of the studio before I decide where they will hang though. >_<

I didn't actually take pictures during the party, except for BJ's costume. I made him a top hat which you can see if you look at my Instagram. I should really become better about capturing the moments as they actually happen. So imagine the above picture with delicious vegan food. I made Gee Whiz from the Ultimate Un Cheese Book which was pretty good and put it on pumpernickel as well as a queso dip for the chips. I should post my most delicious recipe for pinwheels that I adapted from a recipe I got from one of my high school Spanish classes. (Does anyone else still have stuff like that saved? haha!) It is UH-MAZE-ING! I also made pickles wrapped in vegan ham and cream cheese. It was not a day to be on a diet. We did burn a few of the calories by playing Cards Against Humanity. It's an hilarious game and totally worth the hours I slaved cutting out the cards with my non-level Martha Stewart straight cutter.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!

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