Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shelf Liner Bat Tutorial


The sun is finally shining! The tutorial I've been promising is something that I made around five years ago when I was in college and had no money for Halloween decorations. I was really obsessed with Martha Stewart crafts and didn't even have any ink in my printer to do her printables. I decided to work with what I had on hand and that was extra shelf liner material and stretch magic string. At the time, I cut out the bats freehand I think, but today I have a pattern for you!

Supplies Needed:

Non-slip shelf liner
Pattern, printed + cut out (or you can create your own)

First off, cut out your bats from paper. Otherwise you can move ahead a couple of steps if you plan on free handing.

Next, pin your pattern onto the shelf liner. The first time I made these, my shelf liner was the high quality kind from Target or somewhere. This time, I decided to get it from the dollar store. I would suggest getting the better quality stuff because the holes in the dollar store kind don't hold up as well to the cut design.

Once pinned, cut out the design and repeat until you have as many bats as your heart desires! After you're done cutting, simply put your string through the natural holes in the material- somewhere near the middle of the bat works, then hang from the ceiling fan, doorway, or wherever your home needs a creepy touch.

Cheap and easy! I'll be posting pictures of my Halloween decor and some recent thrift scores tomorrow. My shop update will be done this week for sure. I just need to take pictures and things for the listings!

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