Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rainy Days

I know I said that I'd try to have a shop update and a fun tutorial last week, but gloomy, rainy days don't make for awesome pictures. I did finally make a bag out of the super cute Ruby Star Sparkle fabric and I love it! I'll take better pictures soon. The sun was out for about 5 minutes while we were driving to Ethique Nouveau for the vegan pop-up shop. I got a bag of gold fish crackers and a caramel almond joy. UH-MAZE-ING!!!

After that we headed over to the Walker for free first Saturday to see the Claes Oldenburg exhibit. If you haven't gone, you should go! I LOVE his art so when I discovered this exhibit was coming to town, I was there! I love food and food related art. His foods don't have faces, but giant plush food is always appreciated here! I didn't bring my real camera because I didn't know that photography was allowed, so I think I'll go back. If you're strapped for cash, remember the Walker is open late on Thursdays and FREE from 5-9pm courtesy of Target. If you've been to the Walker, you know that the gift shop is like a gallery all its own. BJ bought a Tokidoki blind box kitty cactus and got the bandit just like we wanted! I bought a bow ring in my most favorite shade of pink and considered getting a yummy breakfast blind box, but decided to save some excitement for my next visit. 

Let's hope the rain breaks soon so we can get on with Halloween crafts!

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