Tuesday, October 1, 2013

That's the Way It Goes

This past Saturday was the Fall Festival. I spent two months getting ready for it. I looked at the forecast, it said 40% chance of rain so I crossed my fingers that it wouldn't. Staying true to the trend of events in my life, I got sick on Monday. I did everything I could to get rid of the cold as fast as possible. Then my baby Roscoe got sick. Unfortunately, pigs don't show their sickness until it is too late because they're prey animals. We took him to the vet and gave him antibiotics and force fed him hoping that he'd get better. Since I had made the commitment to do the show and I'd spent so much time and money getting ready for it, and because vet bills are not cheap, I made myself pack up the car and make the journey down to Redwood. BJ's mom cared for Roscoe while we were gone for less than 24 hours. I really didn't entertain the idea that he might not be here when we got back. 

We walked into the apartment and greeted everyone, then I went to look in on Roscoe and he was gone. September is not kind to me. Now I'm left trying to take my own advice, struggling with the guilt of not being here in his time of need, and knowing there was nothing that we could have done to save him. Now my little Hammy is alone without his best buddy. I don't know how long it is going to take before I'm used to seeing only one piggy in that big old cage. I'm going to miss Roscoe begging for carrots every night without fail, his big lips, messy hair, and sweet eyes. He was a little guy who stole a big piece of my heart.

So was is worth it, not being here? I don't really know... It rained most of the day, it was freezing, and I heard it was the worst year for sales. That being said, it doesn't really make me feel any better about having low sales myself. I had free cupcakes to entice buyers, and I had a hard time selling those. I didn't even tell anyone they were vegan! Only two people who took one bought something and one of them was my sister. When did people stop using proper etiquette and good manners?! It was a running theme throughout the day. Everyone should always remember to be kind and treat others the way they want to be treated. You never know who is struggling with a no good very bad day and shouldn't strive to make it worse- even unintentionally.

I guess it just wasn't my crowd... I firmly believe that if an event is called a craft fair that it should contain only 100% crafted/handmade items- not catalogue party booths. I spent a lot of time and love from concept to creation and that should be appreciated for what it is actually worth. 

I'm officially two for two with rainy days! I need to find indoor venues. At least this time I got to borrow a tent from my brother that was actually waterproof and no one had to duck to enter! There is always a lesson learned with each experience.

I finally got around to making a design for Spoonflower. I'm super happy with how it turned out and only wish that I had ordered more than a yard! The link is directly to my shop if you'd like to purchase some for your own projects! In addition to my own fabric, I also ordered a couple of Heidi Kenney's- the Halloween party that I've wanted to buy since she first put it for sale, and the vintage Halloween pillow yard that she has up special until Halloween. I'm excited to finally get around to all these projects that have been on the back burner!

Sorry about all the dreary posts lately, that's just the way it goes for me this time of year I guess... I'm hoping to do a shop update on Etsy with the stuff that didn't sell within the week, as well as a fun Halloween decoration tutorial, so check back!

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